S. S. Stewart Presentation

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: circa 1880s
  • Includes Soft Shell Case
  • Serial #: 4595


This is an exquisite "Presentation" Model from the collection of Akira Tsumura and featured on page 182 of his book: 1001 Banjos The Tsumura Collection. This instrument has one of the earliest serial numbers recorded for a Presentation Model. The dowel stick is extensively carved and ornamented with a very early S. S. Stewart, silver plaque. The 11-1/4 inch rim is highly engraved on the exterior and adorned with unusual and very colorful marquetry. The cherry neck is highly carved up to the seventh fret and the ebony fingerboard is inlayed in every fret space. The side of the neck also features inlaid pearl dots, which is a sign of the banjo perhaps being "born" as a fretless, or at least, having inlaid frets. At any rate, it is now fretted. The instrument is set up with celluloid tuners, nylon strings and bone tailpiece. The neck has a long, forward bow but it is still playable. A GREAT OFFERING!

• the head was broken in the photograph of it in the "1001 Banjos The Tsumura Collection" and was recently restored
Comes with enhanced and reinforced gig bag.


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