How to Ship your Vintage Instrument

  • Select a corrugated cardboard shipping carton that is larger than the size of the instrument so 3 inches of packing can fit on each side of the container.
  • Loosen all strings on instrument to reduce tension on neck and remove movable parts such as bridges on banjos and mandolins. Wrap them in paper or plastic and secure with tape. Store them in the case pocket, if possible, or clearly labeled and attached to instrument. If these items are not wrapped properly, they come loose in shipping and may cause damage to the instrument. Wrap and secure all items in the case pocket, as well.
  • If the instrument does not have a case, it is best to wrap it in bubble wrap and make sure it is secured with tape. Wrap the entire body of the instrument and neck a couple of times around to prevent breakage. If you have a case, lay the instrument in its case and place packing material under heel, neck & peghead and around any loose spots around the body. Be careful not to over pack and force the case cover down onto instrument. With banjos, make sure the heel is cushioned and fully supported.
  • Put instrument packed in its case into a shipping carton. Use either crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap and make sure you have 4 inches on bottom and 3 inches of packing material all around the instrument so it can not move or rattle inside carton. Once instrument is secured in the carton, tape up the top with heavy tape. Make sure you have removed all other address labels or shipping instructions on carton. Seal up any holes and if carton is weak, reinforce the interior with a second layer of cardboard.
  • When you ship, make sure the box is labeled with your return address and ship to our address:
  • Bernunzio Uptown Music
    122 East Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14604
  • Take care to insure your instrument for the market price we quoted you whether by UPS, FedEx, or Post Office.