"Sam, thanks for a terrific sales experience! Bernunzios has always been a first class operation! Everything from listing photos and accurate product descriptions to shipping and communication are always excellent! Looking forward to our next transaction! Thanks again!"
-Mark -Feb. 12, 2024
"I came in last week to purchase my dream banjo and head an all around great experience. I was able to sit with it for a few hours, while John chatted and told stories to folks coming through in the corner. All the staff was super friendly and supportive while I was sitting there plucking away. In these crazy times, it was incredibly refreshing to have an authentic down-to-earth experience. On top of the great experience, I now have the banjo that I never thought I'd have, and will no doubt bring me joy for many many years."
-Shamus -Feb. 12, 2024
"Hello Julie, it took its time but the wait was worth it! The banjo arrived in perfect shape thanks to your carefull packaging! I am very happy with it. Thanks again for your professionnalism and attention to detail! Cheers ! Benjamin"
-Benjamin in Belgium -Jan. 18, 2024
""Purchasing an instrument from Bernunzio Uptown Music is one of the best experiences I have had buying an instrument. They are easily reached by phone, friendly to talk with, willing to work with you and provide timely shipment, sent me one of the more gorgeous banjos I’ve ever seen or held, and stood by policies for return. I highly recommend purchasing your new instrument from them!""
-Dr. Lane, Wisconsin -Oct. 24, 2023
"Hello, I'm writing to tell you the 2021 PRS McCarty I purchased from you is nothing short of amazing. I've been playing guitar for 50+ years and I've never played a guitar this good. I didn't even know a guitar could be this good! It plays like butter and rings like a bell, and my playing has already improved because of it. Many thanks to Sam for arranging an extended evaluation period for me and to Alex for his great legwork and follow-through on my behalf! You guys made this purchase a very easy and pleasant experience. It's the instrument of my dreams! Thank you!"
-Carl from MA -Oct. 22, 2023
"Hello Bernunzio Crew, I must say this has to be the best-packed mandolin I've ever received! The case needs some glue but is really in good shape. The inside is perfect. Tuned her up a whole step below standard tuning. Very good sound. Comparing it to my Eastman 304 is a good test. Can't beat over 110 years old of life. Somebody took really good care of her. Thanks again. You are the best! Sincerely, David G"
-David G. from AK -May 25, 2023
"Hello Ryan, I wanted to let you know that I received my banjo on Monday. It is so lovely. Your company sure does take extra care in packaging which I appreciate very much. I can’t wait to play the Tupelo at the old time jam this coming Thursday. Thank you again for making this such a pleasant experience."
-Kristen From MN -Oct. 27, 2021
"Dear John, I have meant to write sooner about the Paddock banjo I purchased from you. It exceeded my expectations: beautiful looks, beautiful tone, great dynamic range that will challenge my playing (lots of banjos sound best at a fairly limited range, this one can ring very loud or sound good with a soft touch.) I like Paddock's innovations: the history of banjos is a progression of experiments, of course, unlike the violin, and Paddock did well with this one. Too bad he died early. I'll enjoy and treasure this unique instrument. Thanks for your good service"
-Art from Georgia -April 21, 2018
"Dear Julie / Bernunzio Music Folks- I want to take a minute and thank you so much for your superior customer service in the purchase of the TKL guitar case this week! I received it today already (!) and it is PERFECT! Great fit for my Gibson Les Paul Special Plus Limited and a great price, too! Special thanks to Julie for her friendliness and excellent customer service! I’ll absolutely keep you in mind for future purchases and when my wife and I get up there to visit- we’ll stop in! From Brian in PA"
- -April 18, 2018
"Hi John; First I want to send out a big Thank You! for getting the Eastman Whyte Laydie out so quickly. She arrived this morning on FEDEX and is a beautiful and amazing sounding instrument. I am glad I bought her. You and Eastman have created a grand instrument. Thanks again Wishing you and your staff a Merry Christmas!"
-Mike from USA -April 3, 2018
"Hello Julie, Today I have finally taken delivery of my 'Fairchild' Banjo. I am delighted with the instrument which was packed so well that I would guess next to indestructible. It was a delight dealing with your goodself and thanks to John also. Many thanks once again and I will most certainly spread the 'Bernunzio' name here in Europe among my many musician friends. Sincere best regards,"
-Colin from the UK -Jan. 31, 2018
"Hi Ryan, Just wanted to let you know the Orpheum arrived safely here today in perfect time for Christmas. It is a very nice instrument and it has been a pleasure dealing with you at Bernunzio Uptown. I will continue dropping in on your homepage to see if there is an instrument there I fancy.... and can afford! In the meantime, thanks again! Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!"
-Dave from Germany 🇩🇪 -Dec. 23, 2017
"John, I just left your shop and enjoyed very much playing so many wonderful instruments. Zach and I spoke at length and I left feeling very satisfied with the arrangement we made. It was a difficult decision, but I went with the Deering. The Stewarts were a pleasure to play, but, as a clawhammer player, I just couldn't make the low bridge height work for my right hand! Just wanted to convey my thanks and appreciation to you and your staff, what a nice bunch of folks. All the best, Rochester is a beautiful town, looking forward to the evening ahead."
-David from TX -Aug. 17, 2017
"Thank You for the wonderful guitar I received earlier today. You folks are the finest music store that I have dealt with and I have bought / sold more guitars than I care to count. Not only were you fair on pricing, but Zach asked me (after the purchase was completed) how I wanted the guitar setup and what strings I preferred. The guitar shipped in 2 days and was expertly wrapped safer than any guitar I’ve ever received including several Martins / Gibsons. If I could have I would have left 6 stars on my Reverb review. As is, I threw the Bernunzio sticker on my guitar case and will gladly tell"
-Josh from Reverb -Jan. 19, 2017
"Thank You for the wonderful guitar I received earlier today. You folks are the finest music store that I have dealt with and I have bought / sold more guitars than I care to count. Not only were you fair on pricing, but Zach asked me (after the purchase was completed) how I wanted the guitar setup and what strings I preferred. The guitar shipped in 2 days and was expertly wrapped safer than any guitar I’ve ever received including several Martins / Gibsons. If I could have I would have left 6 stars on my Reverb review. As is, I threw the Bernunzio sticker on my guitar case and will gladly tell"
-Josh from USA -Jan. 19, 2017
"Thank you! I appreciate your contacting me. By the way, the gentleman that sold me the guitar was really friendly and knowledgeable. Really great over-all shopping experience. I'll be sure to shop here again and write a google and yelp review."
-David from Rochester, NY -Dec. 8, 2016
"Hello John , Just wanted to thank you and the folks there for being very kind and taking the time to help me out I very much appreciated that . Love the Martin D 18GE it's a special instrument ."
-Chuck from Rochester -July 13, 2016
"GTR arrived yesterday. STUNNING ! Even the Wife thought it was the nicest GTR she's seen and took a pic of me and my new "bundle of joy" immediately. Expertly and lovingly packed for shipping....and a sticker too !!...thanks. Glad we could do business..... "
-Harold from The Internet -May 25, 2016
"Hello , I received the banjo in good order today. I have to tell you what a fantastic instrument this is! One of your team went out of his way and answered my after hours call and sold this 6-string Dobson's Matchless fretless to me. I was looking at it for awhile and was a little off put by the embossed rim but it really looks great in person. It plays great in modal tuning and it sure rings! Thanks for it! I am happy I spent the money on it. "
-Bob from California -May 5, 2016
"Hey Guys, I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I love that walnut Nechville Nuvo I just bought from you. Wow, its a cannon! Love the full tone. Thanks for the great service! All the best, "
-Matt from NY -April 27, 2016
"Just a note to thank you for the great deal and for the great service on the Washburn Bell guitar case - it arrived in great shape. I found one of these rare guitars and it did not have its original case - and of course, the odds of finding an original case are slim at best. It is entirely possible that this guitar and this case were originally together at one time - and they are now properly together, if not reunited……. All the best to you and your staff - thanks again."
-From from Seattle -March 17, 2016
"Dear Bernunzios, I just received my Alvarez FD60 BL today from your store. I want you to know how pleased I am with it. The guitar was packed better that just about any guitar I have ever bought out of state. It arrived in perfect condition. The guitar is just beautiful and the action is absolutely perfect. It sounds amazing. This has been a wonderful transaction. You have been great to do business with. Julie was great on the phone when I called to buy the guitar. I hope I find another guitar I want at your store again soon. "
-Julie from Georgia -Jan. 28, 2016
"For recording I prefer to use either my Epiphone Recording A that I bought from John Bernunzio in Rochester USA in 2004. His web site is worth keeping an eye on. His staff are knowledgeable and extremely helpful to musicians. The Epiphone is a heavy banjo so it has a loud sound with a nice bit of sustain for a tenor banjo and you can use this to good effect in the studio. I used it on every track of No Place Like Home album."
-Gerry from Ireland -Jan. 23, 2016
"It's easy to give someone 5 stars and say "awesome seller" but these guys are truly knowledgeable, speedy and attentive. Not a warehouse giant like MF/GC or a dude selling guitars out of his garage, but an honest-to-goodness mom-and-pop music store on your desktop. Can't say enough good things!"
-Mike from Reverb -Jan. 21, 2016
"The guitar shipped and arrived promptly, but when it did I realized quickly it wasn't what I was looking for. After contacting Bernunzio they let me know promptly how to go about returning it, and I received a refund with zero hassle. I'd do business with these guys again any day, and hopefully one day I will!"
-Alex from Reverb -Jan. 21, 2016
"Dear John, Thank you again for your help and advice when I purchased my rosewood bowlback mandolin from you just after Christmas. Not only am I playing a little every day, but I am progressing with learning to read music, and I was inspired to clean and re-organize my office so I have a nice place to play. It is a beautiful instrument and it sounds wonderful. I am so happy that I purchased it! Sincerely, "
-Jennifer from Rochester -Jan. 18, 2016
"Hey Folks, I'm the one who just bought the OT-MH #5 you had on sale. The banjo arrived on Friday, but I just now had a chance to tune it up and try it out. Wow! I've bought some great guitars from you over the past few years, and I play them regularly. Banjo is more or less a casual "hobby" for me. I bought this one because I decided recently to try to learn a little clawhammer, and you were selling it for a fair price. But this banjo is great, and a whole lot of fun: far beyond my expectations. I don't do this very often, but I felt I had to let you know how much I appreciate your help in allowing me to discover and buy this banjo. As always, good, fair service and a pleasant conversation. So, thank you very much. I'll be in touch. If you ever make it this "far out" (no kidding - it's all true), please let me know. Thanks again,"
-Mike from California -Nov. 4, 2015
"Just wanted to let you know that the mandolin arrived safely. It sounds and looks great -- even if it is "b stock." Thank you for enclosing the chord booklet and strings. They were a pleasant surprise, and definitely something I will need. It was a thoughtful gesture. It has been a pleasure doing business with Bernunzio."
-Frank from New York -Sept. 8, 2015
"We can’t thank you enough for hosting the Bluegrass cruise EVENT last night. I have a feeling that the group will be talking about that jam for a long time to come. The door prize idea was a great addition. My reward was people having a great time – that’s what it was all about. You got some great exposure for putting on such an event that entertained so many folks along the shore... As folks said when leaving – “this was the first annual, wasn’t it?”"
-Tom from Rochester -July 3, 2015
"Hi, The guitar arrived safely on Friday and I love it! Very impressed with the Eastman & also your 1st-class packing job. I wish all dealers packed so well! Thanks for the smooth deal, "
-Paul from FL -May 27, 2015
"The best guitar shop in Upstate New York, bar none. I can see three guitars I bought there from where I'm now sitting. And they have banjos and mandolins, too. Oh, so many banjos and mandolins. Not to mention the ukeleles. What did I say before? Bernunzio Uptown Music is the best fretted-string shop in Upstate New York!"
-Chris from Rochester -May 17, 2015
"Drove two and a half hours to have my Eastman mandocello adjusted. An awesome place, great staff, fine instruments and a great luthier that fixed my problem in short order. Thanks to all there!"
-Sam from Wayland -April 1, 2015
"I got the banjo - I love it! You guys did a great packing job, it arrived unharmed. I look forward to making many sweet songs on the ol' banjo. "
-Kim from FL -March 6, 2015
"luv,luv,luv my new tenor. Can't put it down, it sounds so good and plays great!!!! Arrived in perfect condition yesterday. Played awhile when it was tuned, then added the resonator and was nearly blown off my seat. "
-Carole from VA -March 3, 2015
"Got the L-1 today. Absolutely amazing; I love it. And the packing was impeccable. Incredible care was obviously taken, from the filler in the box around the case, to the cardboard reinforcements under the bridge and tailpiece of the guitar inside the case. I've had many instruments shipped to me, and I've never experienced this quality of service. I will sing your praises to everyone I know. (And Michelle is adorable; the video demo of the L-4 guitar, with that half-fret off G-chord, and her expression! Wonderful.) Thanks and take care. "
-Travis from America -Feb. 25, 2015
"First of all thanks for the world class treatment with the purchase of that 1934 L-00. Rob really did a great job bringing it up to full speed and I will forever sing the praises of Bernunzio Uptown Music as you all have been the best to work with."
-John from California -Feb. 21, 2015
"For recording I prefer to use either my Epiphone Recording A that I bought from John Bernunzio in Rochester USA in 2004. His web site is worth keeping an eye on. His staff are knowledgeable and extremely helpful to musicians. The Epiphone is a heavy banjo so it has a loud sound with a nice bit of sustain for a tenor banjo and you can use this to good effect in the studio. I used it on every track of No Place Like Home album."
-Gerry from Ireland -Feb. 5, 2015
"Hi Michelle, I did complete this order and have received the banjo. I have to say that the speed of shipping, the diligence in packing, the condition of the instrument and case, and the sale price were all outstanding. Will be placing another order soon. "
-Kirk fom WI -Dec. 8, 2014
"Hi, I bought a Eastman WL banjo in April fantastic banjo! I've only changed superficial things like the peg buttons (pegs work fine) and I put a razor-thin two foot ebony bridge al la Fred Van Eps, otherwise it is as you shipped it to me. Still using La Bella 17s. Loudest, best toned banjo I've played. Sharp all the way through three octaves. It even held its own playing duets with Bob Winans' original WL. The tone was very similar and just as clear. Please pass my thoughts on to John, he did us a service having these made correctly. Thanks, "
-Joel from MASS -Nov. 8, 2014
"Thank you to your staff for quickly fixing a loose wire on my LR Baggs Anthem pickup. I got to play some great guitars while the wiring was reattached. There's no place I'd rather take my guitars than your shop; you are the best Rochester has to offer. "
-Warren from Rochester, NY -Sept. 29, 2014
"The guitar shipped and arrived promptly, but when it did I realized quickly it wasn't what I was looking for. After contacting Bernunzio they let me know promptly how to go about returning it, and I received a refund with zero hassle. I'd do business with these guys again any day, and hopefully one day I will! "
-Alex from Reverb -Sept. 4, 2014
"Hello, I need to give a shout-out to Sen. He was the point man for the Clifford Glenn banjo I recently purchased. He was not joking when he told me that the banjo would be packed up in an over-engineered fashion. The banjo arrived in bullet proof condition. Another shout-out also needs to go to Michelle. She played the banjo for me over the phone and was awesome. Thanks again for offering a banjo that I have spent a long time searching for and believing that it may never be available. All the Best, "
-Jonathan from IN -June 9, 2014
"Hi John, I just wanted to say "thank you" for making my purchase of the Ome Tupelo possible. It's truly a beautiful instrument and very happy that it's mine. Now, I just need to find more time to sit down and get to know her better !"
-Brian from PA -March 21, 2014
"Hi John and Julie, Got the Oahu. It’s quite a guitar and certainly lives up to the hype about its big tone. Your characterization of a “great throaty” tone was spot on. Thanks for the help in making this deal happen, I appreciate it. "
-Jim from MA -Jan. 18, 2014
"Hi! The Silver Bell arrived today, just as you describe it - all original, all straight and just as nice as it gets! Exceptionally safe packing – I’m happy! "
-Per fom Norway -Jan. 15, 2014
"John, Thanks for posting the truly awesome photos of the Irving Berlin banjo. Congratulations for bringing it back and for sharing the photos. You have, right now, the most extensive and exciting collection of Fairbanks and Vega banjos I have ever seen! I am enjoying my own little collection, including the 1903 Whyte Laydie I bought from you almost three years ago."
-Tim, from MT -Dec. 10, 2013
"Hello Folks -- The Epiphone Broadway arrived in good order yesterday -- thank you very much for the top-notch packing. The guitar is perfectly set up, and was even in tune when I opened the case. I took it straight to a gig last night, then came home and continued to play it for hours. I love these old Epis, and this is an extraordinary guitar. I'm very happy with the purchase and with your service. Best regards, "
-Greg from Virginia -Dec. 5, 2013
"Hello Bernunzio Uptown Music, 1. The guitar shipment arrived as scheduled. Thank you for getting it out quickly. 2. Wonderful job on the packing: very tight and secure. Better job than any from a factory or other dealer that I've seen. 3. Great work on the set up. Props to your Tech, who deserves the capital "T". 4. Sale no longer pending. It's in the books. The guitar is fabulous. I couldn't be more pleased. Well, maybe with a winning Powerball or Mega-Millions ticket, but getting this particular guitar is a close second. There's an anxious moment, especially at a distance and post-purchase, when you wonder if your assessment will match the one given by the seller. I'm happy to say that we see things eye-to-eye. You didn't oversell it, although in this case, you didn't need to. This is a guitar I will pass down to my son, who also plays. A few comments about your website, which I only stumbled upon less than two weeks ago, but have bookmarked for future reference. 5. Nice photos, among the best examples I've seen. Thank you for using good lighting. Now having received the instrument, I can compare it to the photos, and I wasn't shocked by a huge difference in color or other unpleasant surprise. 6. I realize that descriptions are subjective and complete specs on used instruments may be unknown. In my case, the given allusion to a more well-known maker helped in the decision to purchase. As I said before, thanks for not overselling it. That would've only given rise to my buyer's skepticism. 7. Thank you for posting a price for almost every item. Sure, there are instances when "Call for price" is warranted, but I skip the sellers who overdo that ploy. At least we can know we're not wasting each others' time right from the start. 8. Michelle was most helpful on the phone call. Any question she couldn't address herself, she immediately got the answer. Better still, I felt like I had her full attention, even though there was >2700 miles between us and probably other people in the store. I only regret that you're too far away for me to come to your events. "
-Joe from CA -Nov. 23, 2013
"Hello John, The banjo is at home. It is great and the neck is shorter than my early Silver Bell (I no longer need a capo!). The tuners which seems to be original work perfectly and the banjo stays in tune. Once again, doing business with you is a success ! Best regards,"
-Fred, from France -Nov. 22, 2013
"Hi Bernunzios, It came just after I emailed you. It's exactly what I wanted . . . and more. Lots of cross grain, it has clarity but not too bright. It seems to be a mix of a Martin and a Taylor. You could not have made this purchase easier. Thanks for a great guitar. I'm going to sell my Martin HD28V and use this as my main guitar. Way cool. all the best, "
-Brad from CT -Nov. 8, 2013
"Hi Michelle, Just wanted to drop a line and say the banjo arrived safe and sound. We really like it and of course are going to add it to our instrument family. Thank you for your time and trouble to put up the sound file. It’s good to do business with you and Bernunzio music. Thanks again. "
-Jim from Oregon -Oct. 19, 2013
"John, the 00-21 has arrived safe and sound. It is wonderful in every way, even better than I expected. This will cure the G.A.S. for sure. Many thanks. "
-Bob from the UK -Oct. 10, 2013
"Hi John, Just wanted to tell you that I am very satisfied with the Fender bass, and the great service in youre store. I will recommend you to all my friends over here in Norway. Thanks! Regards "
-Arild from Norway -Sept. 5, 2013
"Hello Julie, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Bernunzio Music. I have bought 4 banjos and 2 guitars for myself, and found instruments for at least 4 friends and students. However, I also have used your website in teaching my 8th grade guitar classes, (5 of ‘em, 25-31 in each class). Your website is very user friendly and is a wonderful teaching tool. For the past few years, I’ve given an assignment: $5,000 budget. Pick out a classical, steel string, or another instrument/combination of instruments, and justify why and how you made your decision. I’ve gotten some incredible answers. My favorite was from a young woman, a few years ago: “I would buy the Martin D-28, because that is the main guitar used in bluegrass bands and I already have the cowgirl outfit to wear, an Eastman mandolin, because it is probably the best buy for the money, (words right out of my mouth), and the Hello Kitty Fender electric, because I have sox that will match it.” Gotta love ‘em! Thought you might like to hear that story. "
-Randy from MN -June 18, 2013
"Bernunzio - I received the L&H style C mandolin today. It's in great condition and sounds wonderful! Thanks, "
-Tom from CO -June 18, 2013
"Hi John, We received the Aubrey-Marie on Saturday and it is so beautiful!! I let your staff know how much we appreciated the restoration, it is really perfect:) Also, thank you for holding it for us and starting on the restoration when I could not follow through with my scheduled payments. You made it possible for us to buy it and I want to thank you again for your patience. Best regards, "
-Cheryl, from California -April 16, 2013
"Hey guys, Robbie, Scott, John and Julie - The Eastman T-386 arrived safe and sound in perfect condition. You two are going to get me fired. I was supposed to work from my home office this afternoon. Instead, I have been playing the T-386 all afternoon. This is one killer electric blues machine. Great action, the right combination of pickups, a perfect set-up, and good looks to match. And it sounds great thru a small 10w tube amp to my 50w Marshall head. I can't put it down. Thanks for everything. You two hand-picked this guitar for me. When you both told me that it had the 'tone', I bought it sight unseen. Fantastic customer service (as always from Bernunzio's). So - how can I buy some of the Bernunzio picks? One was packed on a promo card in the shipping box. I need to spread these around to my guitar playing friends so they can wise up and be like me - I only buy from Bernunzio's. "
-Brian from IN -April 12, 2013
"I picked up the mando today from FedEx and I must tell you I am not sending it back to you because it's a keeper. You're right about it-------it's so easy to play and has super volume. I think I'll get a lot of use out of it for years to come and I know it will be a joy to play. Also, thanks for the superb packing job. You guys deserve a lot of credit for offering such quality instruments. Thanks again,"
-Frank from NC -March 21, 2013
"Hi, Julie, The Konablaster just arrived, outstanding condition, plays very well (maybe I'll put on a new set of strings, usually do that first thing with a used instrument). I think I'm going to be very happy with it. Thanks so much to you and the whole Bernunzio crew who helped me with this purchase! "
-Mike from Alabama -Jan. 25, 2013
"Good service is hard to find. I bought a new banjo at Bernunzio Music and noticed it had a slight buzz in a string so their shop immediately worked on it. I took it home and it just wasn't sounding right so I called John Bernunzio who told me to bring it in and he'd work on it until I was 100% satisfied. Even with the work they performed the banjo still didn't seem to fret accurately, maybe the manufacturer let one get out which wasn't 100% ?? So John Bernunzio asked me to try anything else in the shop to see if there was any thing else I liked, even offered to let me return to Buffalo with a couple of banjos to test. He finally offered to exchange the banjo I bought for the next one he received from that same manufacturer which is eventually what I did. Through out the entire transaction John Bernunzio was set on making me happy and handled all the exchange transaction with the manufacturer. It's hard to find service like this anymore, what a first class operation. If you're looking to buy an instrument, I'm wouldn't think you can any better than working with John Bernunzio. "
-Phil from Buffalo -Dec. 8, 2012
"John and Julie I rec'd my new AC530 this morning by FedEx...................THANK YOU This guitar is the best jumbo I have ever played, balance across all the registers with beautiful warm bass and projection like only Engelmann spruce can deliver. You need to stock up on these babies, you guys are the best, thank you again. My best always"
-Francis from Georgia -Dec. 4, 2012
"The Eastman Whyte Laydie banjo arrived a couple of hours ago safe and sound. Lovely little instrument and already a favourite. Many Thanks for your excellent service. "
-Brian from the UK -Nov. 6, 2012
"Folks - My wife and I were at your store on Saturday morning and we purchased an Eastman 915. I wanted to tell you that you have a first class operation. I have been to many music instrument stores in my life and have never been treated as well as you did. From the first email contact with Robbie, to him taking the time to send me pictures through setting all perspective mandolins in from to me on their own stand was wonderful. Allowing me the time to check them all out without pressure was great. John was wonderful in answering all my questions. Selection was great. Made me feel like a KING! EVERYONE in the store was so nice, hard to believe this level of service still exists in our world!!!"
-Steven from NY -Nov. 6, 2012
"Dear John The Pogreba guitar arrived quick and safely. It's really a great guitar Thank you very much for your perfect and great service! "
-All the best, Giovanni -Oct. 29, 2012
"Thank you for an absolutely stunning guitar. I LOVE it. It arrived in perfect condition. You guys rock. "
-Rick from AZ -Oct. 29, 2012
"Dear Bernunzio The Bacon Super Banjo is arrived, all is perfect, thank you very much ! Best Regards "
-Norbert from Switzerland -Oct. 23, 2012
"I just wanted to let you know that my newEastman Whyte Laydie banjo arrived yesterday at about 4PM. Thanks to the excellent packing job that you did; it was in perfect condition. It is beautiful. It looks right, feels right, and sounds right. I have played several new open backs including Reiters, Wildwoods, GoldTones, and Deerring Vega 2's and would rate it more desirable than any of them. I want to again thank you again for the highly proffesional manner in which you handled the deal from start to finish. I could not be happier."
-Larry from IN -Oct. 22, 2012
"I ordered an Ome Wizard with the cherry neck from you about a week ago and picked it up from Fed Ex on Thursday night - wow, I don't think anyone could pry this out of my hands ever. I've been looking for 12 inch open backs, gave up on the Reiter Round Peak (just didn't feel right) but this Ome is incredibly easy feeling to play and just beautiful. And smells great. I found my 12 inch openback (yay)!!!"
-Marla from MI -Sept. 21, 2012
"Dear People, The Ovation Celebrity acoustic/electric mandolin I purchased from you recently arrived yesterday in excellent condition. You certainly get an A+ for packaging! The mandolin is beautiful, plays well both acoustically and electrically amplified, and your description of it's condition on your web page of being Excellent + was spot on This was my first purchase from you, and I am duly impressed and would not hesitate to make a "sight unseen" purchase from you again. "
-Kevin from NC -Sept. 15, 2012
"Hello, I wanted to thank you for your time on Tuesday.  I really enjoyed visiting Bernunzio's....what a terrific store and you have a great selection of instruments.  Your expertise was much appreciated.  I hope to visit Bernunzio's again soon.  I would like to spend some quality time with your inventory!!! Stay well.  Again...you were very generous with your time...many thanks."
-Randy -Aug. 15, 2012
"I got my banjo in late may and wanted to send along my two cents, sorry for not doing so earlier: My Eastman EBJ-WL banjo arrived as promised, as expected and very well packaged. I've been having so much fun with it, I forgot to put it down to say…"thanks"!!! Very nice job with this instrument. You've got a really special store there, great new and vintage inventory, pretty reasonable prices and John has a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of banjos and other instruments. I'll definitely be visiting when I come up that way again. "
-Bryan from VA -Aug. 1, 2012
"Hello John, Just a note to let you know I'm very happy with the Eastmen neck I bought from you. It is true in all respects. Noting is accurate and intonation is really good. I will certainly buy another one as I need it. Thanks, "
-Dave (luthier, picker) -June 21, 2012
"Hi Julie / Michelle, Just collected the guitar from post office and it was meticulously packed and it is in excellent condition. I am so happy and would like to feedback the very first time experience for buying musical instrument without hearing and touching via internet order. This nice trading experience had given me great confidence in dealing with Bernunzio."
-Clement From Hong Kong -June 19, 2012
"To Robbie at Uptown Music, Just wanted to say what a great job you did on my Resonator Saturday. When I got home and finally had a chance to sit down and play it for awhile I realize what you were able to do with the changes you made. Again my experience with the service in your store was nothing but exceptional. Looking forward to my next purchase or set up... Thanks "
-Rick from Buffalo -June 18, 2012
"I received the banjo today in perfect condition. I've enjoyed a few hours of playing on it already. Thanks so much for your service, I really appreciate it!"
-Richard from VA -June 14, 2012
"Hi John Just a note to let you know the Ameritage AME-30 case got here, fits my old Epiphone perfectly, thanks very much for the excellent service and case. Best Regards"
-Mark -May 15, 2012
"Hi there, Received the guitar yesterday. Plays and sounds just like I imagined. Thanks for such a smooth transaction, I'll be sure to bookmark your website and keep an eye on new inventory. Thanks"
-Martyn -May 15, 2012
"Hi John Just wanted to let you know I got the guitar Wed of last week and It arrived in perfect condition. And you were right about this guitar, it is special. It along with the ET10SS that I got from you before Christmas is a perfect combination. I let everyone know about your fantastic service at the forum I belong to."
-Curt -May 15, 2012
"I just occurred to me that I have not properly thanked you for making the Harry Lane Model M banjo available to me a couple of months ago. It is an outstanding instrument and, although I have four wonderful prewar Gibson's, the Lane is about the only banjo I have played on stage since my purchase. It is that good. I wish to thank you for working with me on the neck issue and for making the banjo available at a very reasonable price. I am now a very happy Bernunzio customer."
-Allen -May 13, 2012
"Hi John, The Sweet 16 arrived about an hour ago. It is one beautiful guitar in every way! Sound, playability and wow - the looks! I have to congratulate you on having the best packer in the buisiness! I've had a lot of guitars come and go over the years and I've never seen such great packing. It's about bombproof! Please pat that person on the back for me! Thank you, John!" -Tom from MD
"John, Just got the Eastman WL today. I can't believe what a fantastic banjo it is for the money. I'm sure it will become my performing instrument for on-stage work. It sounds as good or better than the original Whyte Laydies that I own and have owned. What a deal. "
-John from OR
"Dear John, It was great to meet you earlier this week while in Rochester for a conference. I was walking down East Avenue with my friend, who is also a lover of Blue Grass and learning the fiddle while I am taking a turn at the Mandolin, and after stopping in a florist we spied Bernunzio Uptown Music. We stopped on our way back from the store and browsed your collection. John, you greeted us when you spied me admiring the Panama on the guitar and you were friendly, informative, professional and a great conversationalist. I picked up your card on the way out and have perused your website and love the pictures of family and friends as well as product. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon conversation. You have a fan now and if ever again I am in Rochester I will be around. I will speak enthusiastically to my Blue Grass loving friends about Bernunzio Uptown Music. "
-Steve from Delaware
"A fine banjo uke arrived in BORDEAUX. It was a pleasure to deal with you. Sincerely."
-Christophe from France
"Hello Julie and John: I received the guitar today in a good and safe condition. It was packaged very well and exactly as advertised in print and emails. I look forward to having some fun with it! Thanks again. Regards, "
-Jay fromNC
"Hello Julie, The banjo arrived safe and well yesterday and I love it! When the strings stretch and settle in it will be perfect.Thanks so much for your usual fantastic service and great advice. Thanks also for the excellent packing care of the instrument. "
-Glenn & Sharon, Perth, Australia
"Guitar's just arrived. Great Gallagher! Fast and efficient service. Thanks a lot. "
-Jean-Michel from France
"Hi Folks, received the Eastman E-10D guitar and it's great !! looks terrific , sounds strong ,all good !! I have saved your website for future shopping , thank you, "
-Tom from Canada
"The banjo arrived today. All in one piece, tuned up like a dream and is staying in tune. Sounds like what I imagined it would. Looks like it did in the picture! Thanks for your help, and will deinitely go through you guys again. "
-John in Australia
"Hey John: I purchased one of the Eastman T145s a few weeks back. I got an incredible deal from Bernunzio and the guitar is a real player. Buying a guitar over the phone isn't an easy task but your salesman was extremely helpful and attentive to my needs. I would not hesitate to purchase another instrument from your shop. "
-Debi from CA
"Mr. Bernunzio and Uptown Music folks, The Hound Dog resonator guitar I recently purchased from you got here in fine shape and has been fun to play. It is in excellent condition. I put new strings on it and it sounds great. Thanks again for giving me the great price on it. I look forward to doing business with you all again in the future. Thanks. "
-Kent in Indiana
"The Hippner Guitar arrived on Wednesday. It is a beautiful instrument that is a joy to play. My teacher is astounded by the big sound from such a small instrument. Thank you. It was a pleasure visiting your shop. "
-Teri from MI
"RE: EASTMAN EBJ WHYTE LAYDIE BANJO Hello, I thought you might like to know the banjo arrived on Wednesday June 29 and I haven.t been able to put it down since! What a fantastic instrument. The tone is amazing. I have owned a 1915 Vega Whyte Laydie for many years and the tone on that is not as good as this instrument. Please tell John from me that he has done all us banjo fans a great service by making this instrument available. I took it out the other evening and played with several other people and it created a lot of interest. Have I got the only one in the UK? Thanks for your excellent service in supplying this banjo. "
-Mick in UK
"Hi Julie, I wanted to be sure and write to tell you how happy I am with my purchase. This vintage Martin ukulele is just as described, and was packaged very well. Without a doubt I will do business with Bernunzio again! Thank you for the great ukulele and customer service. "
-Rick in Georgia
"Hi John, The little tenor guitar arrived safely. It is a beauty. It is always a pleasure to do business with you. Your inventory is always exciting and exotic. Keep up the good work. Your delighted customer, "
-Allan from California
"Hello Julie! I received the guitar last week and everything was perfect. That 12 string is awesome! Me and my band mates are very happy with the professional attention we have received and would love to do business with you again. We love to play all sort of vintage instruments and your shop is a great place to find them in very good condition. Please never cease to do this fantastic job you and John live with. It's really beautiful! Best regards from a new customer :-) "
-Marcos from Barcelona
"Thanks Julie for your help. The banjo came today and it's wonderful! Can't wait to plug it in on the 30th at our Irish pub. Once again, thanks for making this easy."
-Jon in Wausau
"I thought I'd email to let you know that the 1952 lg-2 arrived this morning here in Newcastle NSW in perfect condition just as it left New York! I am very very happy and want to say thanks again for your help and for packing the guitar so securely. I have just put the guitar down after tuning it up to a half step below concert pitch and it sounds fantastic just as I had hoped and the intonation is spot on. Not much more to say really except THANKS AGAIN! "
-Ben in Australia
"Hi Julie, The Kiwaya uke arrived this afternoon, and it's really great--by far the nicest uke I've ever even tried. It's an absolute blast to play. Consider it approved. "
-Bruce in Maine
"The banjo arrived safe and sound here in Tokyo and I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks so much, and I look forward to the next time you guys turn up something great."
-Adam in Japan
"Hello Julie, Hello John, The banjo is fantastic, it's perfect. Thank you again for your kindness and I wish you a Happy New Year. "
-Paul in Switzerland
"John: The uke is incredible. It's beautifully set up, in spectacular condition, and the tone is spectacular, confirming in my mind that a Gretsch can hold its own with the Martin big boys. I even think it's a better tone than my Gibson uke 1. Thanks for the great deal. "
-Thom in Oregon
"Hello to all the good folks at Bernunzio, I want to thank you all for the fine German viola you sent me. It is a beautiful instrument in much better condition than I expected and a lovely quality to its making. I and my family will enjoy playing this and it will stay with us. There has never been a time when I was not happy with a purchase I have made from you. Thank you, "
-Rex from Colorado
"Hi Julie, My Eastman mandolin MD-615 arrived on Saturday morning, it's beautiful and sounds as good as it looks!, I'm so happy with it. This is the 2nd instrument I have bought off you this year ( bought Gibson TB-3 ) and again you have ticked all the boxes: Price, Quality, Service,Good Clear Communication (by phone and e-mail ), and it was well packed with tender loving care to ensure it arrived in mint condition. Congrats on the new improved website I love the new features and enjoy spending many hours navigating, looking at the best of vintage and modern instruments. A big thankyou to you Julie and John and all the staff, a Very Happy Christmas & Newyear to you all. A pleasure dealing with you guys."
-Stuart in Dublin
"Thank you so much for your wonderful service in uniting me with my new banjo! I am thrilled with it! As a new player, I am wrestling a bit with the nylgut strings and keeping them in tune, but I trust that they will settle down soon. But I love the way they feel and how they sound. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season! The new owner of a beautiful Dobson Victor, "
-Susan from OH
"Dear Bernunzios, I just wanted to thank you for my new Eastman T-146. It is the one with the inlays. You can take it off of hold, it is never coming back. I am delighted with this guitar. At least as important to me was your staff. They were very courteous, professional and so helpful. I've been on your mailing list for awhile and am glad to have done business with you. I'm always looking for guitars and hope to purchase from you in the future. "
-William from California
"Hello Julie, Guitars arrived safely.Excellent parcels. Always. Thank you "
-Guitar Shelter, Japan
"Hello, Julie. Thank you very very very much! I received mandolin today! Thanks a lot for your help and careful work. I'm really happy. Thank you. "
-Naoto in Japan
"Julie, I've received the mandolin. I'm very pleased. It sounds absolutely wonderful and looks fantastic. My complements to whoever packed it up. Someone showed a lot of TLC. "
-Sterling in NY
"Hi Julie, The guitar arrived safe and sound and of course it is a beauty. Would be very happy to buy from Bernunzio again. "
-Quoc in Victoria, Australia
"Kris/Julie My Larry arrived this morning. I've had a few guitars shipped to me before and I have to say that you folks do it the 'right way'. Thanks for taking the care and the time. It's been sitting here for awhile warming up and I just pulled it out, tuned it and went right to work. For such a modest guitar, it has great feel and playability. I like the sound too, woody, punchy, not to bright.I bought a Lyon and Healy banjolin from you late last year and received the same quality and service then too. Put me down as another satisfied customer "
-Donald in Tacoma
" Hi John, The mandola arrived safe and sound, and I love the tone and playability. It's really nice to receive a beautiful vintage instrument in perfect working order with no repairs needed. Many thanks! Matt"
-Matt in the US
"Julie, the banjo arrived this morning in good condition. He is very beautiful, thank you very much."
-Yves in France
"Julie The guitar arrived safe and sound today.... Thank you for the fast shipping, very good packing and I am very pleased with the guitar... You guys made an old guys day and then some... "
-Dave in Alberta, Canada
"Hi Julie / Kris / John, Many thanks for organising this shipment, you have all been just great! It can often be very difficult to get things from the US to Perth because so many companies will not ship outside the US even to "reliable" countries like Australia. So, thanks again for your help. "
-Mal in Australia
"Mr Bernunzio, just wanted to thank you for a wonderful guitar, my student is very pleased with it, and we look forward to future purchases from you. "
-Chester from MA
"John, I wanted to tell you how wonderful the Daniel Larson lute has worked out. It is a fantastic instrument. Between that, the Stewart ACME Professional, the Buckman civil war fretless and the little James Ashborn guitar that I.ve purchased from you, I have several very jealous friends, (really, quite a nice feeling for a musician)! Thank you!"
-Randy from Minnesota
"Hi Bernunzios! The Eastman guitar came in safe and sound. Looks and feels awesome for the money. So far, hands down, money well spent! Just plugging it in to some of my amps to hear how it sounds. We're playing at the Canadian Country Awards next weekend. As time permits, this piece is coming into the studio with me. So far, I'm absolutely pleased with this guitar. You guys are good! Can't thank you enough Greg for all your help with this purchase. Already referring you guys to other players and engineers."
-Daniel from Canada
"Your shipment of the 1939 Gibson L-37 arrived intact and It meets or exceeds it's description. This has been my experience with another purchase from your company. Thanks for a smooth sale. I look forward to more purchases down the road. Regards, "
-Joe in Florida
"Hi Julie,Thank you.....the packing was very impressive and the banjo arrived in perfect condition.......Bill"
-Bill in Arkansas
"Julie, We received the guitar and my husband loves it. Thank you so much for the wonderful, very responsive service. You and the rest of the folks I've been in contact with at your company provide excellent customer service. "
-Corrine in Alaska
"I just wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived safe and sound. I'm always a little skeptical when I read a description of a pre-owned guitar. I appreciated the extra photos and the guitar exceeded my expectations both in beauty and sound. The bullet proof packing was also a nice touch. I will be telling all my friends about what a pleasure it was doing business with Bernunzio's and I won't hesitate to do business again in the future. "
-Kevin in Georgia
" Hi John , The ES 300 has arrived and I am thrilled with it. I want to thank you for all your help and particularly the way in which the guitar was so safely packed .It's the end of a long search for me to find a 300 of this quality and playability. Best regards , Hi John , The ES 300 has arrived and I am thrilled with it . I want to thank you for all your help and particularly the way in which the guitar was so safely packed .It's the end of a long search for me to find a 300 of this quality and playability. Best regards , "
-Stuart from the UK
"Hi John and all the gang at Bernunzio: A big thankyou to you all, My Gibson TB 3 arrived this morning and I'm delighted with it !! The service from start to finish was second to none, even down to the packing you could see the care and attention to ensure the banjo arrived in top condition. Hope to deal with you again in the future "
-Stuart from Ireland
"The Kiwaya uke arrived yesterday and it is lovely. I really like the case you chose for it too. Thanks again for the great service. "
-Pat in Australia
"Just a quick email to let you know I received the guitar last week. Beautiful instrument, I am absolutely delighted! I was pleased to see a lot of care had been taken when boxing it up ready for shipment. Thanks again to everyone at Bernunzio I will certainly buy from you again. "
-Simon in the UK
"Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be happier with this whole transaction. Very helpful service, great selection of beautiful guitars, a straightforward deal on my guitar of choice, a quick ship by you folks with unbelievable care and attention paid to packing (THANK YOU!)...and now I find that this Larivee has just a beautiful tone and is really a quality build. Easily rivals -- and to my ears surpasses -- good examples of the D-18 for much, much less. For the first time in many years I have a family room guitar that's a joy to play and that I can care for but don't feel the need to baby. I am very happy with my purchase and I am very happy with your customer service. Thank you again...you've made a customer for life. "
-Patrick from CO
"I ordered and received the Eastman 810 CE from you guys last week. It arrived in fine shape and is possibly the best guitar ." for the price ." that I have ever owned. I did get the neck slightly adjusted and replaced the strings to my liking but otherwise it is perfect. I was actually expecting something to be wrong with it, what with the good price and all, but it is perfect. If it is used (or slightly used) I don.t know where. Thanks for all your help and professionalism in this matter. I will recommend you guys to all my musician friends."
-Bob from AR
" Dear Sirs, The Martin 0-15 has arrived at my home in Florida. It was well packed and no damage was incurred. In addition, I found the condition of the guitar to exceed my expectations and surpassed, in quality, your listed description. I am a member of the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum and I will certainly express my satisfaction, with this guitar, to my fellow members. Again, thanks for an honesttransaction. I will be sure to look at your site first for vintage guitars. "
-Joe from FL
"Hello Mr.Bernunzio. I just wanted to write to thank you for a great inventory of wonderful instruments. I have been dealing with Greg Fair for about a week now regarding the purchasing of one of the instruments you put on sale before going south. Greg is a stellar steward there at your shop, not only with his patience, help, instrument knowledge, facilitating abilities but his putting up with my overloading him with questions. best wishes, "
-Peters from Paris France
"Hi Julie, I have been meaning to drop you a note to let you know that the Evans Amp arrived in good time and in good condition. I'm very happy with the amplifier. Wishing you the best. "
-David in New Zealand
"Hello Julie, The banjo arrived a couple of days ago. It's every bit as good as I expected. It is very nice to play and I love the Griffon inlay (my White Laydie is two years newer and it only has a star inlay) Thanks for an excellent service. "
-Mick in the UK
"Dear John, I received Epiphone banjo from you safely today. Because you came to a judgment of a very good condition with the instrument, I imagined it that there were a lot of chipping, but it was against my expectation, I was surprised at it was beautiful. I give a judgment of mint condition to the instrument. In addition, I was impressed by the splendid tone. That is one of the best tenor banjo for irish music. Thank you inded. Best Regards, "
-Hiroshi in Tokyo
"Hi Julie, Mandolin arrived safely today. Had to pick up from post office because there was no-one home when they tried to deliver. Was extremely well packed, and sounds great. Another satisfied customer. "
-Phil in Australia
"Hi Julie, Received banjo today in good order - your packing skills are fantastic and guarantees the safe arrival of any instrument!Very pleased with banjo and delighted to renew acquaintance with that special "Bacon & Day" tone!! Many thanks again and regards. "
-Michael in Ireland
"Hi Julie, I just wanted to let you know that I received the guitar this evening, and absolutely love it. It was very well packed, and plays great right out of the box. My band members were also extremely impressed by the sound of this guitar. I am very happy, and hope to do business with you again in the future. "
-Sam from NJ
"Hi Julie, I just wanted to let you know that the mandolin I ordered from you arrived safely, and it's terrific. Thanks very much for such a good deal."the "shop wear" is negligible, and you made it possible for me to afford this very nice instrument. Cheers, "
-Andy in British Columbia
"Both guitars arrived safe and sound. Love the way you set up the old Les Paul. Have a feeling that for the first time in it.s life . least since I.ve owned it . it now sounds like it was meant to. One problem though . I was gonna EBay it . now I like playin. it so much that I don.t think that.s gonna happen. Thanks for all the help. It.s a pleasure doing business with somebody that knows their craft. "
-Dave from NV
"I just wanted to thank you for being so thorough, careful, and professional in expediting my order for the El Rey 1. You did it right, and the guitar delights me. Thank you. "
-Rodney in IL
"Julie, Just wanted to drop a line and let you folks know how happy I am with my Enoch Tradesman! It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Bernunzio. I look forward to doing business with you again SOON! "
-Paul in Kentucky
"Hello Julie, the wonderful George Abson fiddle came today to my house. Thanks again for your service! Best holidays greetings to you. "
-Rudolf in Germany
"Julie - I received Weymann Tenor Lute today. Thanks a lot for your help. This is my first C-G-D-A tuning instrument. I'm very happy now. "
-Naoto in Japan
"Thank you for your help in getting the Mandocello to me, it arrived on Thursday -on time. The instrument is amazing and I will come back to Bernunzio soon for a Mandola and another Mandolin. "
-Kevin in CA
"The mandolin arrived Friday in great shape. Thank you for the excellent service and a nice instrument! "
-Michael in South Carolina
"Hi! I just wanted you to know that I got the bass today. I'm very happy with it. It is in an excellent condition and plays great. "
-Per-Erik in Sweden
"Hello Julie, I'm just emailing to let you know I received the (Eastman)guitar today and am very, very happy with the purchase! I would like to add that I have done a large amount of shipping in the last 25 years and that packing job gets the award for the best packaged guitar - ever! Thank you for the terrific service!"
-Mike in Arizona
"The mandolin has arrived ok!..the sound is great!!!..thank you very much!!!!!. "
-Jose in Malaga, Spain
"Hi John, Hi Julie, The Whyte Laydie N. 7 banjo is fantastic. I can't stop playing it. I put an heavier bridge. It's a great banjo. Even I can play bluegrass too ! I want to express my gratitude for all. The next time I come in NY, sure I'll go to visit your shop. Thank you again and happy picking!! Paul"
-Paul from Switzerland
"Hello John, The banjo arrived Thursday PM in very good condition. I was amazed at the improved sound and it looks good too. Thanks for everything. "
-Richard from AR
"Hello John John, The MC-28 arrived this morning and I took her out to my guitar guy. He gave her a clean bill of health. The repairs and neck set all looked good. She plays like a dream and sounds oh-so-sweet, so consider her sold! Thanks again for honoring the price and for the great service. "
-Betz from CA
"Hi John Thank you very much indeed for the Gibson A1 mandolin! It has arrived safely in England, and I picked it up from Norwich this morning. The packaging was impressive. Everything was very secure and in good order. The mandolin is a delight! Terrific bass response in particular, and the overall sound is loud and vibrant, the best A model I have played. I couldn't put it down, and have been working through my favourite rags and fiddle tunes during the afternoon. Please give my thanks to your staff for their efficiency in dealing with my order and supplying the mandolin. It has been a very pleasant experience doing business with you. With best wishes John"
-John from England
"John, We received the Coles Eclipse banjo yesterday, and are absolutely delighted. You're right, it's beautiful, in excellent condition, and it plays great all up and down the neck. My son played for hours yesterday, well into the night and early morning. He loves the warmer, richer sound of this banjo, compared with the Goldtone he started with. Thanks very much!! Best, Julie "
-Julie from San Francisco
"Hi John, Thanks to you and your staff for being so helpful last Friday. It will not surprise you to hear that the Gibson L-1 I purchased checked out just fine. My luthier/guitar tech told me I should be sure to keep extra light gauge strings on it (like the .11-.46 set you apparently equipped it with) and treat it like the thoroughbred racehorse it is, and I'm inclined to agree, as it's so lightly built. Beautiful tone, and it plays superbly. What a great guitar! "
- Steve from Toronto
"John, Julie, I received my Serenader and Sultana back via UPS yesterday. Please pass along my compliments to Robbie for the fine setup work that he did. The action on the tenor Serenader is such that playing it is next to effortless. And he really brought the plectrum Sultana back to life. It sounds just as a Silver Bell should. As I was playing it last night, my father made the comment that he thought it was the best the banjo had ever sounded. I had the same exact thought rolling through my head just seconds before he said it. These banjos are my pride and joy and I couldn't be happier with the way they now play. I'd also like to add that Diane and I had a great time during our visit to Rochester last month and enjoyed having the opportunity to meet you both. We look forward to someday visiting Uptown Music again. Until then, best wishes for continued success. Thanks and regards"
-Anthony from Delaware
"Dear Julie, I received the banjo today. It is very beautiful and I like the sound! I will be happy if I can find other instruments from your shop and have business with you again in the near future!! Thank you for your kind cooperation. With best regards, "
-Kenichi from Japan
"I got the ukulele in one piece. good packing job. The instrument is in astonishing condition, as new. Thank you for your wonderful service and amazing inventory. Looking forward to my next purchase."
-Robert in Fairbanks
"Hi Julie, The violin arrived safely today. It was very well packed. I love the violin. It is quite beautiful and plays like a dream. Very different sound in comparison to the other violin I purchased from you a year or so ago but equally splendid!! Once again, a fine transaction. Bernunzio's are, without a doubt, a class act and I look forward to trawling your wonderful and exotic stock lists and purchasing other fine instruments in the years to come. "
-Allan from Sacramento
"Hey John, just to let you know the taj mahal arrived and .....it is a beauty!!!!! thanks a mill!! I am very very happy. (maybe my wife will sleep on the floor tonite!!!) I can't get my hands of her!!! thanks again,"
-Nader from Peru
"John, thank you for completing the deal for the Eastman DG-1. It is everything and more than you described it to be, certainly the pick of the litter. I frightened myself when I played a few chop chords and heard such a loud bass emanate from them. This baby has some tone and volume, John! And your addition of the Calace strings (I've never used them before) enhances the playability enormously (and effortlessly). I love the looks of the mandolin, the feel of the neck, and the quality of construction. You earned yourself one very, very satisfied customer. I may have to relocate to Rochester! Thank you so very much for enriching my musical experience. "
-Fred in PA
"Hi Julie and John Just letting you know I recieved the guitar today and I am very pleased with it, it has been a nice suprise, it plays and sounds better than I had thought it would, I will definitely enjoy playing it. Thank you for being so helpful with the pictures and stuff too, I know I was taking a chance not actually seeing the guitar in person, your description was spot on !. Thanks again."
-Rob in England
"I've been wanting a Selmer copy for years, and I love everything about the Cordoba D5-E! By the way, I recommend your store to all my friends. Many thanks. "
-Ed from Ontario
"John: I could hardly be happier than I am right now as the new keeper of this Epiphone Recording guitar. It's simply the perfect instrument for the music I write and record. What a peach. It sounds incredible. Many thanks "
-Greg from Los Angeles
"Keech banjulele is a work of art. It sounded kind of bad after I first tuned it but after a nights rest it got better and better! Greg really steered me in the right direction. The workmanship is impeccable.The Aquilla Nylgut strings transformed my Republic uke. Keech gets the other set. The packing was expert. You could drop that box out of an airplane and it would bounce. I'll continue to monitor your site for other items of interest."
-David from Georgia
"Hi Julie, The SS Stewart Orchestral fretless has arrived safely at my home in Edinburgh. You are right, it really is a nice one. The case and packaging are exemplary. Full marks for great service and good advice. "
-Rob in Scotland
"Hi John, Just wanted to say again, many thanks for having us perform a concert to show off, that Traditional Bluegrass music can be great music to listen to and see. Your place is an ideal place to showcase local and international musicians at their best. Keep up the good work and thanks again."
- Jerry, for Hemlock Ridge
"THE banjo (Paramount Orpheum N. 3) is at home. It sounds very well and i'm very happy to play (dixieland) with this old and nice instrument. Thank you very much for the great quality of your service. I'll be now a fan of Bernunzio ! "
-Bernard C. from France
"Dear Bernunzio, Thank you for the 63 Nash Tele guitar , I just" Love" it! It's better than I could have dreamed it would be. Thanks for answering all my questions, and for putting it on hold for me. All guitars are not created equal, and you had told me this one was outstanding, you were right. I am a very happy camper,again thanks."
-Mary from VT
"Hello Julie & John, I received the banjo today. It has arrived safely. Everything is perfect. This banjo is great ! I already played it for an hour, and it's as expected. Wonderful piece of hitory too. Thanks so much for this great transaction, I appreciated your kindness and your patience. I hope to be your customer again ! All the best "
-Bertrand from France
"Hello All, I Recieved my Gibson TB3 today. I can't express enough how grateful i am for the service. From the chat on the phone to the delivery of the instrument this morning. I now own a beautiful vintage instrument for a very fair price. You set the standard for vintage instrument dealers worldwide. Keep it up!! Kindest Regards from Ireland"
-Fergal from Ireland
"Hi John - Received the AER Compact 60 amp in good order late this afternoon. Sounds outstanding! How do they do that in something so small! Thank you and have a Merry Christmas! "
-Tom from MD
"Julie, Just received the Martin D-28 I purchased from you on Tuesday. Wow, what fast service. I was amazed at the condition of the guitar. The ad had indicated a few scratches on the pickguard, but they were barely perceptible. Tune it up and was happy with the sound. I have been playing Martins since 1965.Thank you so much for your service. "
-James in MI
"John, The guitar arrived yesterday and I stayed up most of the night playing it. It's really a great guitar, just what I was looking for. It's great for flat picking. I appreciate you putting this deal together"
-Jim from NH
"Hi Julie, Received banjo in good order. Thanks! Greg did a terrific job in packing the banjo. I am so pleased with it. Many thanks to you all. "
-Bob in Australia
"I wanted to write a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed my shopping experience with Bernunzio. I have just received my 1870's fretless banjo--which I ordered only 2 days ago--and I love it. Your description was spot-on and even on the conservative side, if anything. From the guidance of your experienced staff to the prompt shipping, from the quality of my new instrument to the careful way it was packaged, from your further advice on setup to the lovely padded case you threw in, I must say you truly deserve the great reputation that accompanies your name. Thank you and until my next banjo! "
-Tom from VA
"Hello Julie, The banjo arrived about one hour ago - to brighten up a dull, damp English day ! - Well packed and all in one piece. It is a good, honest Gibson and I shall enjoy owning it.Many thanks!! "
-Derek in the UK
"Hi Julie; Thank you so much, that banjo-uke is just what I wanted! Boy they did a heck of a job wrapping it, I had to take a break to get unpacked! I let you know how it goes when I get it set up! Joe"
-Joe in VT
"John & Julie, We want to thank you both for making our guitar purchases such a positive experience. We absolutely love both guitars. The sound and beauty of the Martin 000-18 is remarkable. Our son especially enjoys listening to it. We both thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with you. Your store is a jewel. Best wishes"
-Greg and Kathy from Scottsville NY
"I absolutely love the guitar. Warmest regards to you both. Thank you for everything!! I will definitely keep an eye on your website, and I hope to visit you in person. Very best regards"
-Mandy from TX
"Hi Julie, Just to let you know the violin arrived on time and in excellent shape. The violin is quite splendid and once again I am one very happy customer. Every item I have purchased from Bernunzio's has been very satisfactory. A pleasure to do business with you, "
-Allan from Sacramento
"Julie, I received the ukulele ...it is fantastic.. thanks! Thanks again...you are the best! "
-R. in Hawaii
"Hi, John... I got the 00-28 back last night and am really amazed at how much it has been improved. It not only plays better, but sounds better, now that all the right things were done to it. And the price was right, too! Please pass on my sincere appreciation to Rick and Robbie for the superb repair work they did. I don't know how often they get such feedback, but I had to convey my thoughts. They set up the guitar, in a word, PERFECTLY. So, if any of my friends/acquaintances needs repairs (or killer instruments, of course), I'll certainly refer them to your shop. Thanks, John!"
-Rick from NY
"Hi Julie - Received banjo in good order. Many thanks for prompt attention and excellent shipping and packing procedures. Very pleased with instrument. "
-Michael in Dublin
"Hi, John: This is just a quick note of thanks for your accurate description and prompt shipping. My son phoned me last night from California to say that the UB is receiving enthusiastic responses from audiences as well as other band members, who believe it has added another dimension to their performances. Also, thanks for including the padded bag. I wasn't expecting that and do appreciate it very much."
-Ed from Ontario
"Hi John, The guitar arrived safe and in very nice condition. I am so satisfied. The body of this guitar seems to be similar with Levins 100-series of classical guitars. One of my musician friend has search for the M-24 a long time, imagine how he looked when I let him see the guitar, Thanks John"
-Carl from Sweden
"Hello Julie, my R&T top tension Bill Keith banjo has arrived today, perfectly packed and with no damages or any other issue. Thank you very much. "
-Jos. Luis in Malaga
"Hello Julie, my Naprstek banjo has arrived today, perfectly packed and with no damages or any other issue. Thank you very much to a great Dealer "
-Marco in Italy
"Hello, Banjo safelly arrived and today was played on the first gig .The sound is amazingly beatiful.Thanks... "
-Marek in Czech Republic
"Hello John, Hey John, Wanted to let you know that the Weissenborn arrived safely yesterday and I am very pleased with the transaction. Thanks for everything and look forward to doing more business together. Thanks and have a great day, "
-Brian from CT
"I would like to thank you very much for a smooth, first-class transaction, even though I was only buying a very small item from you guys. I particularily liked that you included a nice, convenient receipt with all informations for customs and taxes. I would certainly love to do business with you again. Fred "
-Fred in Quebec
"Bonjour, Many thanks for the great instrument. I'm sure I cant find a nicer one, a better way, to be introduced at tenor guitar. Merci beaucoup Claude "
-Claude in Canada
"Hi Julie absolutely fabulous!!! Thanks, all in good order and in better shape then I could have hoped for. Until next time! Larry"
-Larry from the Netherlands
"Hello John, I have received the banjo and just wanted to say it's everything I hoped, thanks. Kind Regards "
-Steve from Australia
"Dear Folks, My banjo was delivered early today and after letting it get used to room temp., I unpacked it and opened it up. It's just what I hoped it to be. Thanks for your honest and great service. Your reputation is well deserved. I hope to get to your store sometime. "
-Dan from Erie PA
"John, You were right, I love this mandolin, it's just fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. It was a real pleasure and maybe we'll do more business in the future. "
-Howard from Austin
"Hi John, Thanks so much for picking me out a good neck!!! I am delighted with it and it's straight and true with the strings on... Great to do business with you John !!!!!"
-Rick from IA
"Hello Julie ,Thank you for the banjo Roy Smeck. It's very nice,I'm happy. The condition is very good. Salut "
-Laurent in France
"Hello, The Fairbanks-Vega Little Wonder arrived safe and sound, and I dearly love it. It is my first tenor banjo (first banjo, period), and I am having fun exploring it. The neck profile is perfect for my hand, and I really like its simple good looks--much better than in the picture. Thank you for the good advice in picking this one over the phone. I couldn't be happier. Happy New Year! "
-Diana from PA
"John, Thanks for the recommendation of Calace strings for my Gibson a-2 for a claqssical sound. It took sone time to get used to how to play them, but I am musch closer to a classical sound then before. I appreciate your knowledge and advice. Very truly yours "
-John from Maine
"John . I'm in receipt of your check for selling our family's guitar. Thanks so much for selling the guitar for us. Maybe some day someone will come along that can get the music out of it my dad did. He was a very good tenor guitar picker and we have so many good memories of so many, many years of music playing. Thanks again for your efforts. I know you'll see that it gets a good home. "
-Terri from IA
"Hello John, just to say parcel arrived today all o.k. Its really just what I expected and a nice piece as you said. Thanks for your excellent service and advice etc. best wishes "
-Doug from England
"Hello Bernunzios, I received my Eastman 805CE this Wednesday, the 21st. It is a wonderful instrument and I can hardly put it down. Thanks for taking the time to pick it out and also for making it available at such a good price. I will certainly let any archtop enthusiasts that I meet know about your store. Good luck with your November sale. Thanks again, "
-Doug from MT
"Hi John. I just wanted to say thanks for doing a great job. I bought a Bacon Peerless Tenor from you, and it arrived in perfect shape out here in Oakdale, California about a year ago. It's a great banjo. All of my friends love its sound, and I tell them Bernunzio is the place to get their vintage instruments. Thanks again "
-Jeremy from California
"Hi John and Julie, My Martin 3M ukulele arrived today (Melbourne, Australia) from Bernunzio. I'm *very* happy with it! Thank-you! "
-Terry in Melbourne
"Dear John and Julie, Thank you so much for your services. The guitar arrived today and was in great shape and our son is in seventh heaven! Actually, it sounds so much better than his beginner Ibanez that I'm in seventh heaven, too!! I'll come to your shop to say hello the next time we visit our daughter. Hope everyone is well and happy. Many thanks again, "
-Sue from DC
"The Stewart arrived today, safe and sound. I must say I'm really pleased to have taken the plunge, sight unseen, to make the purchase. My friend, who bought one of the American Princesses, urged me, implying it was my patriotic duty. At this point, I'm delighted with the instrument and can only describe it as simply grand. Thank you. "
-Hugh from California
"Hello John, Julie Thanks very much for another fantastic and joyful transaction. These are the 6th and 7th items we have purchased from you and they are as amazing as all the other's. Thanks for tuning the Lap Steel as requested and for repairing the nut. It is such an amazing and beautiful instrument that is even better than described. The Gibson ES-137C is fantastic. It is a delight to play and I'm very, very satisfied. The packing and care for the safety of the instruments was also perfect, THANKS!! All of the items we buy from you will be with us for the rest of our days. You are honest and trustworthy and that is very comforting when buying from such a long way away. Best wishes until next time."
-Glenn and Sharon from Australia
"Thanks John. My hair stands on end seeing part of the Tsumura collection coming back. I spent many an hour submersed in one Tsumura collection book, while visiting with my mentor watching him build beautiful instruments. You can say that collection gave me the big kick in the butt to start building. I can't thank you folks enough. "
- Brooks from OR
"Dear John and Julie, The Martin style 2 mandolin arrived at my home yesterday! As you stated in your description: great playing and great sound... I am also amazed that an instrument of such age can still look so good! (the old coffin is brilliant as well :-)) It won't be long before I take this great little thing on stage... Thank you for your care! Kind regards "
-Jan from Belgium
"Hello, The guitar arrived on time and in great shape (given that it is actually older than I am...slightly). I appreciate the service and I am likely to pick up on some more items now that I know you're good to go. Maybe I'll even get to visit the store one of these days. Anyhow, thanks for all the help. Onward. "
-Thomas in Dixie
"Hello Julie, Just a brief email to let you know that I received the May Bell banjo today. It is in very good condition, and has a good tone - I can't stop playing it !. Thanks for packing it so well. Best regards, FL "
-F. L. in UK
"Hello John and Julie, Today I received Martin 5K Uke without any problems. It has very wonderful sound! I'm very pleased with it! Thanks a lot,"
-Tak from Japan
"Hi Julie, I received my Guild D25 today - what a beautiful instrument. It's in immaculate condition for a guitar of around 40 years of age and I feel I've aquired an amazing instrument for great value. Your service was impeccable from start to finish and I was glad to see the instrument was so securely packaged. I can't wait to spend hours practising on it. My old Yamaha will become my run-around guitar now and I'll keep this one for the special occasions and hopefully I'll record with it a bit on my next album. All the best, Jamie "
-Jamie in the UK
"Hello, Good sound for this tenor uke. I am satisfied whith this instrument+the old case. Still good package and fast shipping. It was a pleasure to deal whith you for my two purchases. Christophe . "
-Christophe from Bordeaux, France
"Hello! I received the vintage Gretsch Electromatic hollow body guitar you sent me about a month ago. I found the instrument great! The tone I favor and fun to play with! Thank you very much. "
-Shin-ichi in Japan
"Hello Julie and John, the mandolin I ordered arrived today, as described, well packaged and in good shape. I am very pleased to have it. Thank you again for the instrument and the string set. "
-Chris from Maine
"Hello, Receipt is OK for the Martin concert uke. Nice instrument, good package, fast shipping. THANKS. It was a pleasure to deal whith you. "
-Christophe from Bordeaux, France
"Julie, I wanted to let you know that the banjo arrived safe and sound. It's beautiful and sounds great. Thanks for your help."
-Kevin from IL
"Hello Julie, finally this afternoon I got the package! few minutes ago I opened it and I'm very happy. I never dreamed it was possible to have this angelic instrument. Thank you very much, it arrived in perfect condition very well packaged. OA "
-OA in CA
"Hello John, The Fender Precision 5 string bass that I purchased from you on Monday by phone arrived via UPS in perfect condition today. It is extremely nice, and I am very happy to have it. I look forward to our future business transactions."
-David from Wisconsin
"Hi Julie, I have received the Montana this morning!!! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks and Thanks, it's the most beautiful instrument I ever had!!!!!! It's perfect, honestly, I love it!!! Thanks for the strings and the strap!!! Once again, thank you, you're the best at Bernunzio!! Thibaud from France "
-Thibaud from France
"Dear Julie, I'm very pleased to hear the banjo is sold, and I'm equally pleased to hear that it has a good home. Is the new owner a collector or a player, or both? I guess I kinda hope he is a player, and will get much enjoyment with the "new" banjo. Julie, it has been a real pleasure to deal with you and the staff at Bernunziio Vintage Instruments. It is becoming increasingly rare to find someone in any business, that knows their business, and knows how to deal with their customers/clients the way that you do. Thank you again for leading this dummy through the process. Your communications are great as was the appraisal, direct, no pie in the sky, and at no time did I think I was being taken for a ride. Warmest Regards. John "
-John from CT
"...a total cream puff in every way! I LOVE this banjo. Thanks for answering all my questions. Sincerely, LY "
-LY from VT
"Hello - My banjo is beautiful. Thank you. Banjo France Bordeaux yeeee "
-Banjo player in Bordeaux
"Hi Julie, Just a note to let you know the vega style x tenor arrived , its a beauty your pictures did not do it justice,ive been looking for a good example of this model for a few years ,this one was worth waiting for regards GM"
-GM in the UK
"Hi Julie and John The guitar arrived safely yesterday. Thanks for sending it Express. I wasn't planning on seeing it till maybe Monday. The Guild is beautiful. Looks like its been in a closet for 27 years. Sounds great too.The artwork on the case is interesting. Certainly a conversation piece. Thanks again, Frank "
-Frank in AK
"Hello Julie (and John, Kris, Rick,Robbie and everybody who set this up for me!), The stuff has arrived safe, and it's great as usual. The Iucci is mind-blowing, and even sounds great! And both the little Gibsons are GREAT PLAYERS! Where did you find those knobs for the 140?? Thanks everybody, Keith "
-Keith in the UK
"Hello Julie, the guitar arrived at home yesterday! Fantastic, it is completely what I wanted. Thank you still! ! She is formidable ! My Girl friend will be jealous! J.L. "
-J. L. in France
"Hi Julie. The banjo got in a few hours ago and my daughter just got back from a session with it. She's totally in love with it. Thanks so much! Barb"
-Barb in Alaska
"Hi Julie The banjo has arrived perfectly. Like always, thank you very much for your professionalism. And thank you too for the straps. Take care and greetings from Barcelona "
-Banjo player from Barcelona
"Hello John, Just letting you know I got my Vega Neapolitan mandolin yesterday. I tightened the strings and it sounds great J ! Looking forward to playing on it for many a year."
-Michael in Delaware
"Just a quick note to let you know the Kamaka tenor uke came yesterday. It's great in perfect condition, I am very pleased with your service. Thanks very much. I will reccommend you to anyone I know looking to buy an instrument. Thanks again"
-Mark from FL
"John, Love my new 1968 Martin Baritone Uke....was worth every penny! Thanks for a perfect packing and transaction... received the package yesterday and it's hard to put her down...she plays like a dream... I understand why you have such good press! Best Regards "
-Victoria from California
"Hi John: Thanks so much for working out a deal on the Gibson 0. I love the guitar and can hardly put it down. In addition my family thinks it's the coolest thing they have ever seen. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again. "
-Ken from New York
"hi john and julie , i received the gibson tb2 last friday , very ,very happy with it, thanks a million, kindest regards to all at bernunzios, and great luck with the new shop! "
-Paul from Spain
"Hello Julie, I just want to let you know the amp arrived yesterday in good shape. Once I had the tubes back in, I was able to verify that it works fine and sounds great. Thank you for your efforts in packing the amp very securely indeed - that bubble-wrap really does work! I also appreciate the care you (or your colleagues) took in marking out all the tubes. Kind regards, Alain"
-Alain in MN
"Hi there Julie My Baldwin arrived just a while ago, and your ODE was collected. Julie, all I can say is WOW ! This Baldwin is a fantastic sounding banjo ! I just strung it up and played it for a couple of minutes, well I am very impressed. I have had some quality banjos these past years, including Ome and Gibson and this Baldwin is right up there. I also love it's vintage look and feel. It was definitely worth the wait. I'll give you a call in a while. My thanks"
- David from England
"Hi John and Julie: The Larrivee soprano ukulele arrived today and WOW...it totally exceeded my expectations. What a marvelous instrument. Thank you so much for your prompt service and for offering such a spectacular ukulele at such a good price. "
-Nancy in FL
"John, I had a wonderful time visiting your store with all it's incredible instruments and a beyond comfortable environment to evaluate the best collection of guitars and mandolins. The verbal exchange was enlightening and I feel I've found not only a new place for future "toys", but a new friend. All the best! "
-Walter from NJ
"Hi Julie...I just wanted to let you know I got the appraisals and also wanted to thank you for your excellent service...not only on the appraisals, but on the instruments I ordered sight unseen. I've not said it before, but both instruments were delivered perfectly set up and ready to play...and exactly as described."
-Mary from PA
" Hi Bernunzios, The Eastman guitar arrived sucessfully and the costs and details met my expectations (THANKS). The guitar is everything I expected it to be. I expect to use it for a very long time. Thanks you, John, for you assistance. "
-Jim from Canada
"Regarding a recently purchased A-40 mandolin: Love it. Better than described. Thanks for everything.I'm sure you'll have me again as a customer. Thanks, Mike"
-Mike from Texas
"Hi John and the Bernunzio staff, I'm writing to thank you all again for your "home grown" relaxed professionalism. It's nice to do business with people who are both friendly/down-to-earth and professional. Unfortunately, sometimes the two don't go together. I purchased a mongrel '28 MB3 from you in September. I appreciate the good price as well as the ease of your layaway. That banjo had been at First Quality (another great homegrown business) the last few months awaiting a new 5 string neck until it finally came back to me late last week. A fantastic banjo. That MB3 had a lot of potential as a 5 string (which it had to have been at one time given that a flathead tone ring had been installed) and I'm glad I found it. I've done other business with you in the past (including another prewar Gibson banjo) and want to say you still have a customer for as long as you are around. You're at the top of my vintage dealer list. Thanks again! Jim"
-Jim from Indiana
"I just received the Dobjo. I love it. Thank you for a wonderful 1st transaction with Bernunzio Music"
-Chris from Californa
"John, It was my pleasure to spend some time in Bernunzio's Uptown Music last night. As a kid, it was alway one of my great joys to go to the local music stores and see what wonderful things they had, and dream about the next great thing. Honestly in these days of Guitar Centers etc. I thought those days were gone. You brought back the fun in musical instrument stores. "
-Jim from Rochester
"Dear John, This is to let you know that the Tamura arrived last night. It's even nicer than the photographs. The face is starting to loosen up and it's sounding better and better. Thanks for the great guitar and the fast service. "
-Barbara from PA
"John, It was my pleasure to spend some time in Bernunzio's Uptown Music last night. As a kid, it was alway one of my great joys to go to the local music stores and see what wonderful things they had, and dream about the next great thing. Honestly in these days of Guitar Centers etc. I thought those days were gone. You brought back the fun in musical instrument stores."
-Jim from New York
"Hi Julie I received my mandolin on Friday afternoon. It was carefully packaged and I was delighted by what emerged from the multiple folds of bubble wrap. The mandolin is as-advertised and better; a simple but beautiful instrument, well set-up and ready to play after re-setting the bridge according to the clearly marked instructions. I couldn't be happier with the instrument, or with the recommendation that led to my purchase of it. Thank you so much! "
-Ed from California
"John, It seemed like an odd way to buy a banjo, but then there are not many possibilities where I live and you have a good reputation so I took the chance: I seem to have been well rewarded! A superb banjo and very much what I was looking for. "
-Chris from Wisconsin
"Hello John: Just a quick note to let you know that the uke arrived last week. A beautiful instrument! Wonderful sound! Many thanks for your prompt service. I must visit your new show room some day to sample some of your other instruments. "
-Terry from Canada
"Hi Julie & John, The banjo arrived at the weekend and I have to say that I am delighted with it. It's beter than I thought it would be and it even makes me sound good. I was also very impressed with the way it was packed. I was very nervous about ordering the banjo online but it was an eye opening experience and I would have no hesitation in doing business with you again. I'm sure that when it's time for an upgrade I will contact you again. So, Thank You from one happy customer."
-Ray from The Netherlands
"Hi John, I just wanted to let you know that I received the banjo on Monday and it is GREAT!! Thank you so much for the advice on which banjo to go with. I will be sure to check your website the next time I'm in the market for another instrument...and I've already passed along the word to some friends of mine who have been struggling with where to go for a vintage instrument. Hope all is well! Thanks "
-Terrence from Massachusetts
"Hi Julie and John! I got now the REALWONDERful banjo. It is as you described, John, a treasure and a pleasure to play with. Thanks a lot! If you have a mounted calfskin just for this size, please let me know. You know - I always like calfskin the most! thanks and greetings "
-Rudolf from Kyrgyzstan
"Dear Mr. Bernunzio: I have just received the Bacon FF Professional Banjo that I ordered from you a few days ago, and just wanted to let you know that it arrived in great condition. The packaging was expertly done, with not a rattle to be heard. Thank you for providing such great instruments at such reasonable prices. I couldn't be happier. Now, rank beginner that I am, I'll have to learn to play it, so as to be worthy of such a fine-looking banjo. Please extend my thanks to Robbie in shipping for his good work and for the e-mail with my UPS tracking number. Such wonderful service is a rare commodity these days. I'll be sure to look to you first the next time I shop for an instrument, and will let others know of your extensive inventory. You are the best! Sincerely, Dan"
-Dan from Massachusetts
"John - Let me put it this way: I don't pretend to be any sort of expert. But I've owned (and own) and have played what I think are many really good archtops, old and new (late 30's and early 40's D'A's, early and late D'Aquistos, 30's and 40's L-5's, Stromberg, Epiphone, Gretsch, Andersen, Megas, Park, etc.). I have owned and played what I think are many really good flattops (early 30's and 40's Martins, 30's and 40's Gibsons, Schoenberg, Goodall, Collings, new Martins, etc., etc.). This D'Angelico the single best sounding archtop guitar I can remember playing. And it is the guitar of any type that I have been most excited about acquiring. I'm not a lead line player, but for comping, I think it's exceptional. It's brilliant and ringing and loud and cutting. You can tell just stringing it up that it is a very lively instrument. The way the first few chords vibrated through and into my chest was almost startling. And I can only imagine how good it will sound once it gets a bit dinged up and broken in :) Thank you for a wonderful instrument. And I appreciate the sight-unseen trust in sending the guitar as you did. Makes me anxious to do some more business together. Your stellar reputation is well deserved."
-David from New York
"Hello John A very wonderful, Martin Tenor Ukulele 1930's was delivered to my house last night. Thank you?I am very satisfied. I wish to express my gratitude for this meeting. This ukulele will be taken an active part by a lot of live concerts and the recordings. "
-Kenji from Japan
"Dear John: The banjo arrived today before our son's lesson. We couldn't be more thrilled. It both looks and sounds great. You really did a wonderful job getting it ready for our son. Thanks so much for all you did. "
-Suzanne from New York
"Hi John, Just to let you know that I've just received my order and I am REALLY PLEASED !!!! The mandolin case has a manly dent in it but other than a broken string both instruments are in great shape and have come to a good home where they'll be played and enjoyed. Thank you so much for your outstanding service, I'll stay tuned to your site and hope to do business with you again in the future ! I'm now off to play !! All the best "
-BRian in England
"Dear John, The banjo I ordered from you arrived last week.The banjo I ordered was Gibson (Style).I think that the neck might be original Gibson. The other Parts might be after market parts.But the sound of the Instrument is the Gibson itself.I satisfied and enjoyed the sound when I played it. And the Flying Eagle Inlay is beautiful.Thanks for your help. "
-Meguru from Japan
"Dear John, The banjo I ordered from you arrived last Wednesday, but I was out of town and didn't get a chance to open the box and play it until Saturday night. The banjo I ordered was.the S. S. Stewart. Orchestra. I have to say that I was a little nervous ordering online, without having seen or heard the banjo, but I am so pleased with it! It really has the warmth, character, and charm that I would expect a vintage banjo to have and it looks as good in person (so to speak) as it did in the photos and sounds great. Thanks so much for all the advice over the phone, for the cleaning and restringing, and for the case and wrench. The packaging was amazing! My cats had started to use the box as a scratching post while I was away, but the banjo was so well packed that it didn't matter. I can't wait until my first lesson next Sunday and am looking forward to many years of playing this banjo. Many thanks! "
-Grace From MD
"Dear Julie: Thank you for your payment for the vintage banjo. It was kind of you to help me through the procedures involved. My family and I were sad to part with the instrument, since it belonged to a very dear and close family member. We came to realize, however, that none of us could play it, and it would have become damaged, moving it from place to place. It was nice doing business with Bernunzio. Very truly yours, "
-Judi from New Jersey
"I received my Vega Mandolin on time and in perfect condition. It is absolutely beautiful. The sound quality is an unbelievable rich and full tone and every note is crystal clear. I am very fortunate to be the new owner, and I promise to take care of and treasure this mandolin. I also appreciated your quick replies to all my questions before and after the sale. Recently, I took a separate trip back to a music store to thank the gentleman who recommended Bernunzio's, and since then I've had the opportunity to applaud your excellent service to many other interested parties. Bottom line, John, is that I can't be happier. Thank you again for everything. You're the Best!"
-Greg from Los Altos
"Hi John, Wanted to let you know I received the Epiphone Alhambra today in perfect shape. I knew it was a good one but it is even nicer than I imagined. I unpacked it, tuned it up to pitch and was overwhelmed by the big and beautiful tone of the instrument. It's going to have a good home here. Thanks for your help, I don't doubt we'll do business again in the future. Take care. God Bless"
- Dan from St Paul
"Hello John, Enjoyed the chat with you today.Thank you for putting the Epiphone tenor banjo on hold for me.I'm excited now because I haven't bought a banjo for quite a while and I'm looking forward to playing this lovely looking instrument.Congrats on a fabulous web page..one could spend hours brousing around there as my wife will confirm....talk soon. Regards from the emerald isle, "
-Gerry O'Connor
"Hello, I've received the Olympic Tenor guitar this afternoon. Everything is all right. I'm really happy, it's sounds great! A month ago, I sent you an e-mail, saying: "Hi Julie, I'm looking for an archtop tenor guitar" and now I've got it, isn't it wonderful? Thank you very much! It's the second instrument I've got from Bernunzio's and I'm really satisfied. I enjoy playing each day with the B&D Sultana Silver Bell (it's really a fine banjo) I bought last summer and now, I'll spend many hours playing with the Olympic Epiphone!"
- Yves in Franc
" Hi John, Just a note to let you know that my winner banjo ukulele arrived yesterday. It's just what I expected: looks great, funny little player. I'm happy with it. Thank you very much "
-Peter in Belgium
"The 17 fret vega professional arrived today. Thank you very much it is a fantastic instrument and the service your company provides is unbelievable. Once again a sincere thanks and I will not hesitate in reccommending you to anyone I know on the lookout for a quality instrument. "
-Liam in Brisbane Australia
"Mr. Bernunzio, I had ordered an old black tubaphone pot assembly from you last week. It arrived today and was extremely well packaged and was exactly as described it. Thank you for your courtesy and expediency, two qualities that aren't often seen anymore. "
-Pete in Indiana
"John, The A. C. Fairbanks Whyte Laydie arrived last evening in excellent condition. It is a beautiful banjo and plays extremely well - just what I was looking for. I really do prefer the 10 3/4 inch rim size. The pearl work by Doug Unger is fantastic - delicate and aesthetically pleasing. The first good banjo I ever had was a Vega Tubaphone (ca 1923) 11 13/16 inch pot with a Doug Unger flower pot neck which he made in 1972 or early 1973. I still have that banjo. It is interesting to compare the engraving and inlays on the two banjos. The sound of this Whyte Laydie is vastly superior however. Hope to be able to do business with you again in the future. Thanks. "
-Jim in Georgia
"The banjo arrived this afternoon, safe and sound. It's just about what I expected and I'm quite happy with it. Thanks for working with me on this purchase, I'll come back for my next one. "
-Michael in MO
"Hi John just a note to let you know that my martin tenor uke arrived today and what a wonderful thing it is. It plays and sounds wonderful. I am delighted. Thank you very very much "
-Garry in England
"Hi John, Just a quick note to say the catalogue arrived safe & sound this morning. Great service . thanks, and what a fascinating book! Best wishes, Chris "
-Chris from England
"Hi, Just wanted to thank you for all the attention you gave me during my search for a vintage banjo. You far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a quality vintage instrument. You folks really know how to do business!!!!!!! Thanks again from a very highly satisfied customer. "
-Andrew in Saratoga Springs
"Julie and John Hello and thanks to you both! I'm glad to tell you that my Kumalae uke arrived to Paris this morning in perfect condition and good transportation delay ( it was Christmas time!) I'm now able to play on a splendid 20's Koa wood instrument immediatly tuned by miself and that sound very well ! Thanks again for this beautifull christmas gift that brings warmness in those icy days! "
-Emile in France
"Hello, I purchased a Martin Uke for my Dad's 70th birthday last month. I appreciate the time you spent on the phone with me answering my questions and describing the instrument. The Uke showed up on time and in the mint condition described. It was a pleasure doing business with you. "
-Karl in Reno, Nevada
"Hi John, Julie, and all..... Just a quick email to let you know that the Buckbee Sonntag's Parlor Banjo has arrived safely in southern Alberta today, and I'm extremely pleased! This is a nice little banjo, and will make an excellent 'companion' for the little Alfred Cammeyer Boudoir, which I play regularly. Again, thanks very much for a great instrument. Have a great Christmas and New Years, and we'll talk to you again soon!"
-Dave in Alberta Canada
"Hi John, Hello John, Received the banjo Friday and it is terrific! Thanks once again for the great instruments and service; you and your staff are the best! Best wishes to all for the coming year... Cheers, Fred "
-Fred in Colorado
"Hello John, I received the Flatiron on Monday & its great. I'm new to the mando, so it took me some time getting it tuned up. All I can say is that it sounds really bad when its an octave too low - how embarrassing! Anyway, I gave it to my wife, thinking that she'd say "oh that's nice...", and then I'd end up with a mando to play around with. Well...she fell in love with the thing and doesn't want me touching it! She thought it was beautiful and is excited about taking some lessons. The only down side is that I might need to find another one for myself... "
-Tom from Reno NV
"The OME Tenor Banjo arrived ( my third Bernunzio banjo ! ) and I am very well pleased with it. I will be buying from Bernunzio again. "
-Thomas from County Kildare Ireland
"Quote John, Thanks so much for the Eastman 810. I love it! I never have been so satisfied with a guitar and I've been through a few. In an era of Wal-Marts and Guitar Centers and Home Depots is nice to know that a person can get a unique and valuable item from a specialist. I'll be back when .guitar acquisition syndrome' hits again."
-Chris in New York
"Just want to tell you how much I love my banjo from you. It is a beautiful instrument and plays so well for me.Hope to continue collecting them . Thank God that there are folks like you that preserve such a vital part of music history and make it available for the public.Thank you so much"
-Theresa in Missouri
"I wanted to tell you directly how pleased I am with the SS Stewart Thoroughbred that I ordered from you and received today. The instrument was even better than I had imagined and was set up perfectly to play. Your service was outstanding in all respects, and I cannot tell you enough how satisfied I am with my purchase. I only wish that I had discovered your store sooner (although my wife may not agree)! I will most definitely be doing more business with you in the future! Thanks again! Rick"
-Rick in California
"Hello Mr. And Mrs. Bernunzio, My Favilla ukulele arrived yesterday. It really is a beautiful instrument. I love it. Thank you!"
-Peter in Belgium
"Dear John, I am writing you to you to extend my pleasure outward about the Martin '34 OOO-18 sunburst I recieved from you guys yesterday.I must admit that I totally expected it to be an exceptional instrument, however, I did'nt anticipate it would be the best flattop guitar that I ever played.I have had hundreds of guitars in my posession (you know that). What makes the best ones is almost unexplainable.It's the way that the notes are articulated,the way that the neck feels,the vibration of the top, how well it stays in tune, the volume playing both hard and soft,the way certian guitars demand to be played differently, taking you down new musical paths.This guitar hits on all cylinders. I have always (except for that one time...kidding!) been a huge Bernunzio fan. I trust your knowledge, your great staff and mostly your integrity on this great quest of finding supurb American musical instruments......All The Best........ "
-Neil in Ohio
"Hi John, Thank you for the wonderful work on my Paramount A tenor banjo. It took me a little while to get used to the broader range of tones that it now has,the new head was a great call. Not to forget its good looks now that the banjo is so clean and shiny. It was a pleasure doing business with you "
-John in Vermont
"Quote I was perusing your web site recently and stumbled across item #QB0960, "Classic banjo bridges." On a whim, I decided to purchase one for my Nylgut-strung banjo (which has a deep 12" pot and a wooden tone ring), and I'm very glad I did. The change in the banjo's sound was striking: volume increased, the bass response improved significantly, all the strings had much more "snap," and the banjo sounded much more "open" and resonant than it did with the ebony-topped bridge I was using previously. I realize that it's easy to fool yourself into believing that any change is an "improvement," so just to be certain that I wasn't hearing things, I switched back to the old bridge. The banjo--which I didn't *think* sounded bad before--sounded, for lack of a better word "constrained." My assumption is that the nylon strings were having a difficult time "driving" the denser bridge, but I'm not sure if this is true or not. All I know is this "new" bridge works very well indeed. After playing the banjo for a few days to allow the bridge to "settle in" I noticed that my slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs have become louder and much clearer. It has also increased the usable dynamic range of the instrument; while the banjo is now louder overall, becase the individual strings are much more distinct I can now play softly without the sound becoming muddy. This bridge is definitely a "keeper." Maybe those guys knew what they were doing a century or so ago. Many thanks for a great product and great service. "
-Mark in Germany
"Hi John, The National arrived this morning all safe and sound, and all I can say is WOW!!!....This is a beautiful guitar!.....It is everything I was hoping for and then some. It's hard to believe that a guitar like this, 74 years old, could still be in this almost 'perfect' condition. I'm 71 now and I would'nt even qualify as being in 'fair' condition. Ha!....... Anyway, thank you for a great guitar. I really do appreciate it. Best regards. Jim"
-Jim in WA
"Out of the blue, the replacement parts I wondered about arrived in the mail! What a pleasant surprise! Thanks so much for your help. I'm a Bernunzio fan for sure, now. My friend George said you-all are a class act and indeed you are!"
-Mark in Lake Ozark
"The George Washburn banjo (048623) arrived yesterday. I love it!!! It sounds great with gut strings - just what I was looking for. It is in beautiful condition. Needless to say I will be keeping it. Thanks for great service."
-Jim in Savannah, GA
"To Everyone at Bernunzio, Just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with the Hopf Archtop that I purchased from you in late December. After my long and pleasant conversation with Rick, I received the guitar in the condition that he described, packed very well. I put a light set of strings on the guitar and the neck relaxed a bit and the action is quite good now. And I'm in love with the big bright sound of this guitar! "
-Rob in Tampa
"I got the old Deluxe clamshell tailpiece, put it on the banjo, love it."
"I consult your web site often. I've bought some things from you over the last few years.. Paramounts probably don't make the Gallery as a rule, but the tenor "C' I bought from you a few years ago, could've been there. It's the most wonderful tenor banjo I've ever played, seen, or certainly, owned. It's perfect in every way. I'll always appreciate your recommending it to me as the result of a phone call I made to you one afternoon. Your price was very fair, and the banjo is simply superb. And let me tell you, it gets played a lot."
- John, South Dakota
"Hello everybody from an old customer in France! just received your new catalogue and have been browsing through your website and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I shall be returning to it soon to look at the instruments I didn't have time to see - I actually work for a living too! I wish you a pleasant and successful day, and a little bit in advance,"
- Roger, France
"Howdy John, I hope you all are doing fine. I'm writing to send you (and family) my best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy 2001, and to tell you how happy I am with the D-18 I bought from you. I worked on it, as expected, cleaned it thoroughly, refretted it, made a new nut and bridge saddle, and brushed some shellac ("some" meaning almost none) on the parts where bare wood was exposed, just to seal them, and that was it. It still has the great old patina, it sounds superb, play easy, and causes everybody to tell me how lucky I was!!! I feel I must really thank you for it, and I want to guarantee you that I've got one more good reason for giving you tons of publicity!"
- Silvio, Italy
"The banjo uke came about an hour ago and it's in beautiful shape. I inserted the bridge, tuned it up and have been playing it for the last half hour. Everything about this was 1st class and I'll recommend you to anyone."
"Hello John and Julie, Thank you very much for your kindness. Finally I've got the banjo, I'm very happy .It is the best present I could have, these days. At first in the Customs ,they didn't find the papers, but finally they found them; You Know "Spain is different", (we always say this when something doesn't works very well in Spain, here is normal) So please, forget all the things I told you in may last Fax. OK,. It has been a pleasure. By the way, If one day you come to Catalonia, please tell me, I could be your tourist guide."
- Albert, Spain
"Rather than tell you how I reacted to the Dobson, here is part of a letter I sent to a banjo playing and collecting friend: "My Victor Star came today. I am absolutely stunned. First of all, it is practically museum quality. It looks like it has been kept in a time capsule for 100 years. If it has been refinished, you could not ask for a more perfect job, or one that was less noticeable. Also, the metal looks like it came from the factory yesterday. It has no position dots, but five lovely inlays on the neck. Second, the sound, both quality and volume, is unbelievable from any banjo, much less a 24" scale, 10" 3pot banjo. I had been playing a lot of Bart Reiter's, Intermountains, Wildwoods, and even a real Tubaphone recently. This thing doesn't have to take a back seat to anything! And although no case was mentioned, it came with a brand new gig bag. Bernunzio is the Man! I think it was probably a fairly inexpensive model when new, but it is unreal both as a collector's piece and a player. I love it." What more can I say?"
"Just wanted to tell you again how much I LOVE that little Dobson I bought from you. And I also wanted to thank you for the gig bag you threw in free, which was certainly above and beyond the call of duty."
- Phil CA
"Just a note to let you know the little Rettburg arrived on Wed. I just love this little axe. As usual, it's a pleasure doing business with you. "
- Art, Colorado
"Just wanted to pass on that the 00-28 I bought from you last fall continues to `be a joy to play. It was a big investment for me, considering my non-professional status, but it was worth it. I'll never forget what you said to me the day I was trying it out: "You should buy this guitar." Granted, to some extent, that is the salesman in you, and you're in business to make $$$, but I will take it a step further: I got the impression that after spending a few occasions discussing guitars with me, you knew the sound I was looking for, and that 00 was it. It was as if I really couldn't get anything better... which is pretty much true, unless I had a real hankering for lots of that 40, 41, 42, or 45 level with all that "mother-of-toilet seat." Not likely.... I make certain that those people who hear and play my 00 know where it came from, and who I dealt with. Hopefully some will come your way."
-Rick NY
"John, Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the Vega Tubaphone #3 "gryphon". This banjo is a joy to play and looks great. Thanks"
- Walter PA
"Mandolin - Arrived, Accepted, Delighted. Great little mando."
- Dion Chicago
"Just wanted to drop a note. A few weeks ago I ordered my first instrument from you, a Concertone tenor banjo and last Saturday night played my first gig with it and was very pleased. I feel like I got a lot of banjo-for-the-buck! Thanks again. "
- Billy OR
"On a side note--your packing job had to be about the best "recipient friendly" packing I've seen in awhile. Very nice and secure, but not a peanut to be seen, and the packing unpacked very neatly. I can't thank you enough for that! Thanks for another good transaction. I look forward to the next one!"
- Dave TN
"I love your site. it's like porno to me. peace to you and thanks. I still haven't bought anything but I send tons of people your way and I just wanted to thank you for being on the net. I play banjo for a living in a weird band. Peace."
"Banjo arrived safely - thanks for the nice packing job. All ok - just like I thought it would be. Best regards."
- Roger - Cape May, NJ
"I just wanted to say thanks for the fast and reliable service. You guys are a great resource and your habits support mine! "
- Ted CA
"Just a note to say that the "Stella" 6-string I purchased from you has been restored. It is a wonderful guitar, with a deep bass and real "fat" mid-range tone...and it's really loud!! I think it may be the best sounding old "Stella" I have come across! I honestly think it rivals the best 000-Martins for sound. Neil MD 6. Just to let you know; the L3 arrived and every thing is fine. I'm very satisfied with it. The quality of your instruments and your honesty is to be commended. Thanks again."
- Mike OH
"Thank you very much. Yahoo has "experts" one is on banjos, I contacted them two weeks ago and still no answer. You are the man. Thanks, if I have any dealing in mind I will definitely consider your. Again thanks for your reply."
"You da man! I'll have a money order in the mail tomorrow morning. This is going to be soooo great!"
"Thank you John- I appreciate you getting back to me. We have no luck in identifying it- someone said " if anyone know- you would".. many thanks- I will pass that on to my friend! "
"Just wanted you to know that the banjo got here safely on Monday. The banjo is a pure joy! Sounds just like Mick Moloney (banjo, not the player). I really love it. Thinking of selling off some equipment and purchasing a new mandolin....maybe I'll take a look at what you have. Nice doing business with you. "
- Richard, GA
"Just wanted to let you know the pre-war Stella arrived, and I'm not just delighted with it--I'm AMAZED! I've been an Oscar Schmidt-Stella fan for years, and as I'm sure you know, finding Schmidt Stellas amid the ocean of Harmony-made Stellas isn't the easiest thing in the world, and when you do find them, they're usually "well worn" ("beaten up" would be more like it) or altered. But this one is one of the cleanest I've ever seen! And your price was well below what I've usually seen. P.S. A few years back, while I was still living in Colorado, I bought an 1890s Lyon & Healy Apollo from you. Obviously, you're still providing the same great service and value!!!"
- Jim .IL