Supro Delta King 12

  • Very Good + Condition


A superb option for any guitarist looking for a small, versatile combo! The Delta King offers up a loud 15 watts, competing with the likes of a Fender Blues Jr or Princeton - with a thoughtful gain control. Selectable Pigtronix overdrive via it's mini toggle switch, its easy to have overdriven tones at low volumes - but these amps break up very nicely at a reasonable level - and are certainly loud enough for most gigs. The cool tweed cabinet houses the single 12" speaker, which boasts the volume and doesn't skimp on the bass response. Onboard reverb is nice and musical, sitting a little bit more "in the mix" than its Fender type counter parts. A fantastic small amp for truly anyone looking for high quality without breaking the bank. Although used, this amp comes to us in really really great shape having been played sparingly by the original owner.

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