Sumio Kurosawa Classical CD/RW 650mm (1981)

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: 1981
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case


This terrific guitar was made in 1981 by Japanese elite luthier Sumio Kurosawa.  

Sumio Kurosawa studied guitar making under his uncle, Tsunesaburo from 1958 and moved to Spain in 1963. There he studied with Victoriano Aguado for a couple years and returned to Japan. He established his own workshop in early 1970s. In late 1970s Sumio was selling guitars under a nick name “Sumio Madrid” yet with his hand signature on the label. Thanks to these “Sumio Madrid” guitars (models: 10, 15 and 20) he soon became one of most regarded luthiers in Japan. By early 1990s he was already a permanent
member of Japanese Luthier’s Elite. He could price his guitars at the same level as other most prominent Japanese classical guitar makers of that era: Masaru Kohno, Sakazo Nakade, Toshihiko Nakade and Yamaha’s Hideyuki Ezaki.

In general, Sumio’s guitars are sweeter, more and far more lyrical. This tonal complexity has nice balance and touch sensitivity. Rich cello-like basses & piano-like trebles, with superb note clarity. This guitar is in great condition less some typical cosmetic wear, primarily along the edge of its soundboard, but with no structural issue. The neck is nice and straight with a good neck angle and nice action.

By 1985, the same specification and class guitar, would be labelled as model 15 and by mid 1990s as model 20. By 2010 the same class Sumio’s signature model was priced 600 000 yen. Sumio doesn’t make guitars anymore. Sumio’s son Tetsuru is now the head of Kurosawa workshop. As of today, if you wanted to order a same class brand new guitar made by leading Japanese luthier it would cost you at least $4500. If you would like to place the same order with a Japanese elite luthier, the price would be at least $5500.


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