Kay 6100 Flat Top (ca.1950)

  • Good Condition
  • Year: circa 1950s
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: L9985


Looking for a classic country western guitar that won't break the bank? This one might be for you...
The Kay 6100 model is a highly regarded acoustic flat top, with a nice dry but open tone - sounding sort of like a mix between a classic ladder braced guitar, even though this has X bracing. Featuring a solid spruce top, laminate mahogany back & sides, this tubby dreadnaught has nice volume and balance with robust bass and nice dry and clear mid. Broad shoulders, big dots on a bound neck, this is an interesting look into 50's lesser expensive guitar builds - and it comes out quite well.

This example we have comes with the original case, and overall is in good condition with pick and some general wear throughout. It has been used in its past lifetime, but the frets overall are clean. The action is so-so with a compromised saddle that has been slotted at each string. One could investigate a neck reset, as the action is currently about 8/64" in height at the twelfth fret, with not enough room to adjust the saddle. For the cowboy chords all is well, but travelling up the neck one might get a little fatigued. This would make an excellent project for the inclined luthier or repair tech. The outline of the original Kay emblem is all that remains on this peg head. The slightly longer 25.75" scale length compliments the dreadnaught body that has a slightly fatter waist. 

A very cool and unique flat pickin' guitar.


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