Fender Stratocaster Refin (1962)

  • Good Condition
  • Year: 1962
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: 91731


Fender guitars, by design, have always been utilitarian instruments. Favored by players for their value, especially at their inception, Fenders of every kind have been seen becoming an extension of the players themselves. While offering custom colors for just this reason, we have all seen the Partscaster, or the Refin in the vintages market - as players find themselves wanting to further modify the instrument to their liking.

This Stratocaster accurately dates to 1962 - which is noted as one of the most copied and coveted years the instrument ever had. The smaller headstock design with the added third patent underneath its spaghetti logo is iconic in itself. 1962 also was the year Fender went from their slab rosewood fingerboard to a thinner veneer board - as seen on this late example.

This Stratocaster comes to us from the original owner, who had made it their primary instrument for sometime. It has the colorful past, which led to a refinish from its three tone sunburst to a now well relic'd white nitro. A custom wound bridge pickup (as well as an included black bakelite pick guard) from Larry Dimarzio himself. The original neck is truly a wonderful thing, with great playability - making clear why these vintage Strats have appreciated the ways they have.

Specs listed below:
Body & Electronics:
- Refinish from Sunburst to White nitro. Original finish is visible in the tremolo cavity, with '62 written in pencil underneath the finish.
- Natural relic, the guitar has some elbow wear, and a fair bit of real buckle rash. Checking throughout.
- The middle pickup was routed out for a humbucker at some point prior to the refin. The cavity made larger from a drill. The neck pickup route extends towards the lower horn - from past wiring of a preamp.
- A newer, white 3 ply pickguard is currently installed, cracked at the screw on the treble side horn. Included with the sale are a bakelite pickguard made by Larry Dimarzio, and an additional newer one.
- Original knobs are present, as well as neck and middle pickup covers. The bridge pickup is missing its cover - and was rewound on the hot side (Outputs listed below). The neck pickup is currently in need of a rewind, which we've left up to the next owner. The neck pickup does function, but reads no output, and sounds out of phase in the 2nd position. The leads from the pickups are cut a bit short, likely from its past rewire work.
- An older replaced cream switch tip present on a replaced 5 way switch.
- Wiring has undergone changes as previously mentioned, but the tone pot is still original - Stackpole dating to 42nd week of '62.
- A newer Sprague capacitor has been installed.
- Pickup outputs measure:
Neck: No output measurement, Mid: 6.3k, Bridge: 10.95k

- Previously mentioned plastics
- Replaced but older Fender saddles are present. Nearly identical to the "Pat Pending" Stamped ones seen in '62, these are more similar to a reissue or a current Fender, with the name stamped on both sides.
- Some replaced screws present, namely at the pickups and one at the output jack.
- Replaced strap buttons.
- "9XXXX" stamped serial number on the neck plate accurately dates to late '62 before the "L" stamp would be introduced in '63.
- Tuners had been replaced in its past, but newer replacement Kluson styles are installed and function well. Accurate nail hole present under the D string tuner.

- Necks would begin being stamped in '62. This one accurately is stamped 2Dec62B.
- B stamp indicates the typical 1 5/8" nut width
- The neck measures a comfortable .85" in thickness at the first fret, and .99" at the twelfth fret.
- The C profile has been nicely worn in from decades of play. There are some bumps and bruises, but nothing that impedes the guitars feel or playability.
- The neck is straight, albeit with a fairly maxed out truss rod.
- The action currently measures 5/64" in height at the twelfth fret of the sixth string, and 4/64" on the first.
- A small shim is present in the neck pocket, similar to what would be seen on most examples.
- Given this is a late '62 it has the original veneer fingerboard which replaced the slab.
- Newer frets have been installed, with indication by the fret slot being cut into the maple. Current frets are clean likely having had a relatively recent level crown and polish before this guitar was generally retired.
- Original fingerboard is clean with very straight grain we come to expect on early 60's era Fenders. It has an expected 7.25 radius
- Original clay dots present.
- Replaced nut

- Comes with the original brown era hardshell case. The case has been through the ringer, with a completely worn through handle, and fairly tattered leather ends. The top and bottom of the case don't marry evenly and both end latches are missing (the center latch functions as it should.
- A newer black rectangle hardshell case is included in the sale.

Weighs 7.1 lbs

- The original backplate and screws are included in the sale.

Was: $17000.00

Now Only: $15000.00

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