Epiphone FT-110 Frontier (1962)

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: 1964
  • Includes Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: 236359


Gibsons acquisition of Epiphone in the late 50's acted as a pivot point for the company to get creative. Originally released in 1958, it is evident that Gibson was trying to commandeer some of the Martin design, employing a well done square shoulder design, albeit here with the classic Gibson 25.5" scale length. The aesthetically driven company designed the decorative pickguard, which would go on to become a bit iconic for the brand in their Dove & Hummingbird models (both released after the Frontier).
With a very distinctive voice, this Frontier has a loud, dry, and fat tone - a bit unlike any other Gibson. It plays beautifully, with solid construction, a straight neck and even low action. A true collectors piece, but certainly a fantastic playing instrument all the same.
Cosmetically this guitar is very clean, structurally free of any significant cracks in the body with typical checking present. Some small nicks notable on the top back and sides, but nothing too sour. Thick binding has stayed in good shape, albeit a bit shrunk, but not separated from the sides at all. Pick wear is present in at the mouth of the sound hole near the guard, and a small crack is visible parallel to the first string through the simple rosette. The adjustable bridge has a small crack in the rosewood bridge on the treble side, but all is structurally strong. The Spruce top with the Maple back and sides sport the nice sunburst finish Gibson is known for.
The neck set is fantastic and yields a nice even low playability up and down in each register. Standard low and wide Gibson frets are present with very little wear to speak of. The binding again is strong on this example. The saddle still set very tall the action measures a low 5-6/64" in height at the twelfth fret. Original gold Kluson deluxe tuners present, which function beautifully. It has a 1 11/16" nut width.
Comes with the original hardshell case.


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