Albert A. Smith

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: circa 1890s
  • Includes Soft Shell Case


This is a fine Victorian era banjo made by Albert A. Smith in Cambridge, Massachusetts and marked as such with a metal plate on the dowel stick. The banjo has all of the earmarkIng of other Boston makers such as William Cole and A. C. Fairbanks. The 12 inch diameter wooden rim is three ply maple with a fancy, veneer of rosewood and marquetry on the outer layer. The mahogany stained neck is finally crafted with a boat style vaguely similar to Cole "boat" shape. The scale measures 26 inches. The fingerboard is ornamented with saw cut fancy snail shell, and the peghead is likewise adorned. The banjo has been restored with new finish on the neck and evidence of a small fracture. Original style celluloid, violin style tuners and tailpiece and calfskin head complete the package. This is a fine and rare banjo suitable for classical playing with nylon strings.


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