Sept. 27, 2021

On Saturday, after work, I got to visit my good friend Charles Jaffe. He’s been suffering from Parkinson’s disease. It was a joy to spend a few moments with him. He is a treasure in the Rochester community.

“Jaffe” had this shirt made for me many years ago. I never wore it because it used to be too small for me now it’s twice my size but I still love it and him.

Sam Hirsh, our newest employee is an electronic wizard. I was mesmerized listening to him talk about the minutia of early 70s Moog synthesizers. It’s the same kind of specialized information that I use when I speak of old Stewart or Fairbanks banjos. We are assembling a real team of specialized experts

These two guys show up and play some old guitars.

I have to say a thing about mandolins. I’m not very good player but I like to have one around the house. I always bring one home after playing a few at the store and invariably the one that I bring home sells. I had a beautiful Gibson A- style mandolin at home for a while but it just sold to a friend in Ireland. So I spent part of  Saturday at the store determined to get a really good sounding and good playing mandolin and this is what I ended up with. In my mind, it blew everything else away.

NEWSLETTER Cascade Falls on the Keuka Outlet Trail

September 27th, 2021    

Good Morning Folks,

This week’s newsletter highlights some of the events of the past weekend in photos and captions. I spent a rare Saturday at the store, as we are now open for retail business from 11 till 5. Julie was in Branchport helping her brothers with their annual October fest so I thought I would help out a bit. The amount of traffic in the store was just amazing. All sorts of folks who I  hadn’t seen in a year and a half stopped by to try instruments and visit. I think I have really missed this and I’m talking to Julie about going back to work every Saturday…we will have to work on a just compensation. I will definitely be there this Saturday so stop by for a visit.

On Sunday we attended an event at the Cascade Falls on the Keuka Outlet Trail. As we have mentioned, the Outlet Trail is a not-for-profit organization that maintains the trail that follow the stream which runs between Keuka Lake in Penn Yan and the middle of Seneca Lake at Dresden. That trail has become a treasure for this area and we were proud to be sponsor for this celebration in its inaugural year. A band from Geneva,NY,   SoulSection, played favorites, a few artisans set up some stands, Anthony Road poured wine, Seneca Farms served ice cream and Laurentide Brewery poured their goodies. Plus there was a chicken barbecue to top it all off.

In a week Julie and I will be making another trip through New England. We plan on visiting Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts to pick up instruments from collections. So, I if anyone has anything they would like to sell or would like us to bring back for consignment give us a call at the store or send me a message.


John Bernunzio 

This is the team that assembled this event. It includes the board members and all of the sponsors.

SoulSection from Geneva provided the entertainment

Julie contemplates the Cascade Falls

The joy of camaraderie and music at Bernunzio Uptown Music