Sept. 9, 2019

A quartet plus Hawaiian

New instruments and reproductions of old

September 9th, 2019. Sales

Good Morning Folks,

This past week has been a very busy one with customers picking through incredible things that have come to the door late. I think we sold about 40 instruments this week to people all over the country. Bernunzio Uptown Music has all the sudden become the repository for vintage and rare instruments from all over the land. People have been sending us guitars, mandolins and banjos to lighten the weight of their collections. 

Now, over the past year we have spoke often about declining prices and aging collectors adversely affecting the vintage instrument market. We have never stopped believing in the value of great American vintage instruments. There is an inherent value especially in items that would be very difficult to reproduce today under any circumstances. The pressure on vintage values has come both from the declining interest of the next generation, excellent quality of work by new makers, a flood of exceptional instruments at bargain prices made in China, vintage pricing which escalated beyond the pockets of average folks and trust in the economy itself. This, coupled with the fact that aging collectors have been downsizing their stashes and putting many instruments on the market at a time seems to be most precarious. However, we have seen a recent uptick in sales of vintage as a result of adjusted prices, a widening global market and excitement for using instruments in new boundary breaking music.

 The vintage instrument market is alive and well. It is just going through  adjustments and changes. There’s so many incredible instruments on the for sale now, at reasonable prices, that a new enthusiasm has come over the business. Take a gander through our website  and you will see selection of vintage instruments better than anything we have ever had in the past. It’s a great time to be a player or collector of vintage instruments.

BREAKING NEWS: This just in!!! Banjos making the news. It is rumored that written on the head was, "this machine kills fascist and capitalists".

Best regards,

John and Julie Bernunzio 

A tipple has 10 strings sure, but a Vinaccia 10 stringed mandocello!

Why not!!