Bernunizio Uptown Music


April 2018

Ebony Banjo Bridge (SKU: 24266)

Banjo bridge solid polished ebony for 4 string. Measures 5/8" high by 2 1/2" long.

Banjo Tailpiece (SKU: 24268)

Banjo Tailpiece ca. 1920s for 5-string. Nickel plated with no hanger.

Gibson Les Paul (SKU: 24279)

This is an incredibly clean Gibson Les Paul standard from 1980. The Wine Red finish is in great shape with some minor dings and scratches on the body. The most notable blemish on the guitar is some...

Richelieu Pickholder (SKU: 24277)

Gold engraved Richelieu pickholder.

Richelieu Pickholder (SKU: 24275)

Richelieu pickholder for banjo. Gold plated.

Grover Banjo Tuners (SKU: 24274)

Grover banjo tuners with offset tabs as found on 1930s Gibson banjos. All screws, washers, etc. One ferulle replaced. Ivoroid buttons.

Der Jung Guitar Tuners (SKU: 24273)

Gold Der Jung classical guitar tuners with ebony buttons.

Banjo Knee Mute (SKU: 24272)

Banjo knee mute complete assembly for Bacon & Day banjo ca. 1930.

Grover Banjo Tuners (SKU: 24271)

Banjo tuners, set of 4 Grover with tabs as found on Vega/Gibson banjos ca. 1920s. Complete with screws,

Guitar Tuners (SKU: 24263)

Guitar tuners ca. 1920s, three on a plate with nickel plates and black buttons. Posts measure 1 3/8" on center.

Van Ghent Guitar Tuners (SKU: 24264)

Van Ghent guitar tuners for 1960s Gretsch - complete with screws and covers.

Banjo Knee Mute (SKU: 24265)

Banjo knee mute complete assemble from 1920s Bacon & Day Silver Bell.

Gibson Banjo Wrench (SKU: 24267)

Gibson banjo wrench for 1920s banjo.

Banjo Tuners (SKU: 24270)

Banjo tuners ca. 1930s set of 4 with ivoroid buttons as found on Gibson and Bacon banjos. All very tight and working.

Ludwig Banjo Wrench (SKU: 24269)

Ludwig banjo wrench for bottom tension ca. 1920s.

Bacon Banjo Peghead Overlays (SKU: 24255)

Set of 4 peghead overlays from Bacon banjos from 1920s-1950s.

Crafter MD-80-12/N (SKU: 24256)

This is an all solid dreadnaught flat top guitar by Crafters in excellent condition. The neck is mahogany, the fretboard is rosewood. In fine original condition, a few dings and scuffs.

Guild Jumbo Case (SKU: 24257)

This is a Guild branded hard case suitable for a flat top w/ jumbo dimensions. In good original condition, some mild scuffs and scrapes.

Gibson ES-175D (SKU: 24261)

This is a very clean Gibson ES-175D in sunburst from the 1970s. Sunburst body with single cutaway, original electronics, tailpiece, knobs and switches, pickguard. Mahogany neck with rosewood...

Gibson Banjo Wrench (SKU: 24260)

Gibson banjo wrench two piece with hex head ca. 1930s.

Fender Cover Plate (SKU: 24258)

Fender cover plate for 1960s Jazz Bass. Chrome with some pitting and rust; comes with screws.

Martin T-18 Tiple (SKU: 24252)

All original with spruce top and mahogany back and sides; John Bernunzio's old music teacher, Mrs. Veda Santos, used to say "the tiple was the uke that went to college". This variant of the ukulele...

Fender Mustang I (SKU: 24251)

**USED** Fender really blew us out of the water here at the shop with this most recent series of digital amps in the Mustang line. A perfect amp for any entry level musician looking to explore new...

Seagull S6 + Spruce (SKU: 24247)

Very nice sounding dreadnought sized guitar made by Seagull. If features a solid spruce top along with solid cherry back and sides and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. It is in excellent shape as...

Kala KA-ATP-CTG-CE (SKU: 24246)

Boy do we love us a SOLID Cedar topped ukulele!! This is once of Kala's nicer, higher-end models, with that solid cedar top, and beautifully figured Acacia back and sides. Acacia is a relative of...

Gibson A-50 (SKU: 24240)

This is a fine Gibson A style mandolin from 1960. The bound body features a two-piece book-matched maple back and maple sides, and a spruce top. Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard; original...

GIbson SG Special (SKU: 24245)

Exceedingly awesome, this is a 1964 Gibson SG Special in original cherry finish. It features all of the original hardware with the exception of the vibrato arm, which is a very nice, faithful...

Vega Tubaphone Conversion (SKU: 24238)

A fantastic conversion of a Vega Style M (tubaphone) tenor to five string, utilizing a new mahogany neck from Eastman. The rim assembly is 10-15/16" and features all original Vega hardware (including...

Menzies Gourd Akonting (SKU: 24236)

Handmade by banjo-maker Jeff Menzies, this is a modern interpretation of the African akonting, which later evolved into the modern banjo. This example features a mango-wood neck with two melody...

Kala KA-S (SKU: 24239)

This is a slightly used Kala soprano ukulele. It is constructed of a mahogany laminate with bound body and geared tuners. This one comes with a gig bag. Sells new for $77.99. Buy this one for just...

Fender Precision Bass (SKU: 24235)

Here we have a super clean Fender Precision Bass from 1975. The original three-tone sunburst is in excellent shape with no finish checking and only a few minor dings and scratches. A couple finish...

J.R. Younger #7 (SKU: 24233)

This is a beautiful sounding, entirely handmade classical guitar from Virginia based luthier John Randall Younger. The tone is rich and vibrant, with a brilliance and clarity usually found in...

Supro Lap Steel (SKU: 24234)

A sweet six-string lap steel branded Supro in a silverburst finish w/ painted fingerboard. Electronics are functioning beautifully and have a warm/sweet tone. Some finish wear and checking is...

E. Hammig Slot Head (SKU: 24224)

A very nice small banjo from NY maker E. Hammig. Features a 10" spun-over rim assembly, with bent hooks, outfitted with an ebony tailpiece; dowel stamped E. Hammig NY. 23.5" scale rosewood neck with...

Janish A5 (SKU: 24227)

A beautiful handcrafted A-5 model mandolin by Pavel Janish, who builds stunning mandolins and banjos in the Czech Republic. The body is constructed with bound flamed maple back & sides, and a spruce...

Gibson EB-2D2 (SKU: 24228)

This is a very clean example of a 1968 GIbson EB-2D. Featuring a semi-hollow 335 style body with one piece mahogany neck and unbound rosewood fingerboard. Two humbucking pickups- one big bass pickup...

Kalamazoo KGN-12 (SKU: 24226)

Made for only a short time, this is a L-0 sized Gibson made Kalamazoo branded flat top featuring tortoise-bound maple back & sides and an "Oriole" on the peghead overlay. A joy to play, this example...

Gibson EB-6 (SKU: 24196)

Extremely rare, collector's dream, from the original owner; this is a two-pickup (PAF) Gibson EB-6 (made from 1962-1966) one of 20 made that year in this configuration (SG body, two PAF) and is...