June 17, 2019


Our new banners are finally installed!

June 17th, 2019

Good morning, 

 Since we opened our store 13 years ago we have traditionally had a BIG sale during the Jazz Festival. The festival starts this Friday with Jake Shimabukuro opening up and runs through June 29th. Our sale begins today and runs through July 3rd. I told the crew to have an all out sale and that’s what we plan to do. Ryan has reduced the price of 400 instruments to bare minimum and we offering incredible deals on new, used and VINTAGE instruments. Never before, and perhaps never again will we have a sale like this. Consequently, we cannot accept trades, credits, layaways or package deals during this sale. I can personally guarantee that there is a great deal for someone on a stringed instrument. Additionally, Eastman Stringed Instruments will be having a factory direct sale in the store from Thursday through the weekend.  We are expecting a large pallet of Eastman instruments to arrive this week and the deals will be incredible. 

To view all sale items click here.

 Unfortunately our cruises on the Erie Canal this week have been canceled. There is a problem with the motor on the boat and the company said it could not be fixed in time. We have issued refunds to anyone who ordered tickets. Sorry for the inconvenience, needless to say all were very disappointed. 

Of course it goes without saying, that I hope all the fathers out there had a great Father’s Day. I certainly did. I got a nice visit from my youngest grandson and my son Jay in the morning and in the afternoon my daughters Rose and Grace took me to a baseball game. Afterwards they took me to the Islamic Center where there was a food festival. We had dinner that was quite a mixture of food from Pakistan and Bosnia and Turkey. Lots of smiling faces and kids playing ball. I really do love America.

All my best,

John Bernunzio

always intelligent and beautiful BUT even more so when on TV!

Father’s Day at the ball park it doesn’t get much better.