April 15, 2019

April 10 was Julie and John’s 32nd wedding anniversary. They will be celebrating the week after Easter with a second honeymoon to their old stomping grounds, the Netherlands. 

"Overhand” Sam Snyder First learn to play guitar when he was a young boy and had a broken arm. He couldn’t wait for it to heal so he adopted his own peculiar way of playing. Sam is outstanding musician in town and has been working for us for over a year. Here he is demoing one of the new “Eastman” distressed finish J- 45 style guitars.  They are amazing values for under $800! 

Dr. Greene is back! Steve Greene and his groupies play jazz and blues in the back room at Bernunzio’s. Join us sometime on the last Saturday of the month at noon.

John’s Corner April 15, 2019 tax day

Good morning everyone,

Today is tax day...I am trusting that everyone has paid their fair share to keep our government afloat.  Now if anyone is getting a refund I can make some suggestions on where to put that money. We recently received a shipment of the latest “Eastman” guitars including their long-awaited double top steel string. We have two of these models in,  one in a OM size and the other in a Dreadnought. The guitars are quite remarkable. They are formed with two 1 mm thick pieces of spruce with a honeycomb of weightless synthetic material in between that lends the top incredible strength while at the same time allows it vibrate freely. “Eastman” leads the way in innovation with many other exciting models arriving every day.  Stop by the store and try one out and I’ll buy you a good cuppa coffee.  

 We are having a big hat sale the entire month of April with 40% off on all Stetson hats in the store. Get your lid on!

The calmness of the Finger Lakes as the Sun begins to set.  Can spring be far off?