Gong & Hand Pan Expo with One Tone!

  • Dec. 1, 2023
  • noon - 3 p.m.

Join us this Friday December 1st at Bernunzio Uptown Music for an exhibit of sonic instruments. The Expo runs from 12pm to 3pm at 122 East Ave. Rochester, NY.

Luke Cornwell of OneTone Sonic Alchemy will be hosting a demonstration and jam session of a variety of specialty state-of-the-art sound healing instruments including gongs, singing bowls, handpan and more.
JOIN US for this free exploration and feel free to hang out and chat.

About OneTone:
Our mission is to raise sonic awareness and sonic activism. We believe in the self-aligning principles of the universe and as we tune ourselves and our environment we become vessels for Health and wellness. It is our mission to bring this health and wellness to our every interaction and relationship.

Sonic Activism - refers to a commitment to promote diversity and inclusiveness and compassion for each other and our planet. It includes personal empowerment and the collective ability to respond to the intelligence of the self-organizing forces of the universe.

Sonic awareness - refers to the ability to consciously bring attention to sound waves for the purpose of creating present-moment awareness. Sonic awareness can also be coupled with the term “deep listening” first introduced by Pauline Oliveros’. In this space of present-moment awareness activated by deep listening we align ourselves with nature and develop meaningful relationships with self, others, and the unified field intelligence, also known as the quantum field and simply referred to in ancient yoga terms as a seed syllable “OM”.

The benefit of this alignment with the natural world is that we will recognize our environment (outside world) with the awareness that it is part of us and co-created with us, therefore our respect for it is the same as self-respect. 

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