Unmkd. 11" Block Rim Curly Maple (Modern)

  • Very Good Condition
  • Recent
  • No Case


Rarely are we stumped by a banjo's origins, but this solidly built modern banjo has taken the cake. Let us know if you know the maker (with proof) and we will send you a Bernunzio pick holder as a reward. The 11" diameter rim is deep, over 3", with 1/2" width, with block constuction; blonde flamed maple; beveled edge meets a rolled hoop tonering; equipped with armrest and repro No Knot. Three piece matching flamed maple voluted neck with scooped maple-bound ebony fingerboard (26-1/4" scale); lightly engraved pearl dots on board, with eight-pointed star on peghead. Equipped with Five Star planetary tuners. Surface scratching, dings, a little fret wear, and tarnish on metal parts evident. A nice modern instrument that we wish we could identify....Please Mark Your Work!!


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