Unmarked Flush Fret (ca.1880)

  • Very Good Condition
  • Year: 1880
  • Includes Soft Shell Case


An ornately decorated piece of yesteryear - this is a most unusual banjo with a 12 inch rim. Sonically pleasing, this banjo has a nice loud and warm tone. It plays easily and has been well maintained. Metal on the outside of a wooden rim, and a tubular brass tonering on the top edge and old style bent hooks with square nuts. A wooden rear rim assembly looks to be painted mahogany, and shows nail holes - possibly having had more decorations or an attachment in its past. This piece is functional, but does have some cracks present and orange peeling in the lacquer. A 26.5" scale length, The neck is profusely carved on the front and back of the peghead and on the heel and fifth string area. There are signs of gold gilding in the crevices of the carving. The inlayed frets are silver and ground flush and sit into the fingerboard. Comes with a chipboard case.


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