Shubb Lite Capo for Ukulele L9

  • New Condition
  • No Case
  • Serial #: L9


The Shubb LITE capos are less than HALF of the weight of the original Shubb capos. This is perfect for ukulele: the capo will never weigh your instrument down! This capo works well on soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles, and some baritones. Baritone ukuleles with larger necks might need the banjo capo. The Shubb Capo is designed to reduce tuning problems! It presses the strings just like your fingertip, closes on the neck just like your hand, and it's pressure is totally adjustable. The result: No retuning is necessary!!!! CHOOSE FROM SILVER, GREEN, BLUE, OR RED. CALL FOR COLOR AVAILABILITY!


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