Martin T-17 Tiple (1927)

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: 1927
  • Includes Soft Shell Case
  • Serial #: 33699


With 10 strings, and a tuning similar to that of a ukulele, the Tiple is one of the most fun and enjoyable sounding instruments we have in our shop. Tuned in four courses (two of which are triple coursed strings), the Tiple non-intimidatingly boasts 10 strings, tuned Gg cCc eEe aa. Martin produced the Tiple in response to the ukulele craze of the 1920s, and they would go on to become a favorite of many recording studios, for their Mandolin-esque tone sounding like a small ensemble.
Similarly sized to a Tenor ukulele, the all Mahogany T-17 model from Martin has a 17' scale, 1.5" wide at the nut, 9" wide body, 3 5/8" deep at the endpin.
This example comes to us in great shape, having been well preserved from its previous owner. A repaired top crack is present near the bass side of the bridge. It is likely that the bridge needed to be removed at that time to repair the instrument, and during this repair the finish was also touched up and buffed, giving this example a unique light gloss sheen. Light buckle rash is present and some small non troubling nicks are present along its edges. The previously mentioned top repair appears expertly done, and it yields a beautifully playing instrument. The action is low and easy to play, and the neck is very straight, with minimal fret wear present in the first position. This is a fantastic addition for any ukulele players collection, but would work just as well in any production studio or session musicians hands.
Comes with a gig bag. Included in the sale is some provenance of the original owner, including some copied photos, a nicely written music oriented cross country story, as well as some photos of them performing on stage alongside the likes of Dan Hicks Rickie Lee Jones, Maria Maldaur and Van Dyke Parks.

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