Herman C. Levin "Scholander Lute" Harp Guitar

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 1920s
  • No Case


A remarkable instrument, built by Herman C. Levin, this is Levin's version of the "theorboed" guitar (adding sub-bass strings similar to a theorbo range) a type of instrument first made popular in Sweden in the late 19th/early 20th century by Sven Scholander. Occuring on both lutes (the "false" lute) and guitars, this instrument was features fanciful engraving on the a brass plate on the Embergher style peghead reading "Holger Holnlov", which is perhaps the name of the first owner. The body itself was built in the lute school, utilizing seven flamed maple ribs on the back, with two bent pieces of flamed maple for the sides; delicately placed kerfing inside, with scalloped bracing too; long square rosewood bridge, with bone/abalone bridge pins (one replacement). The maple neck has a rosewood fingerboard with block side inlays, with remarkable "conjoined" pegheads with curved wooden bridge; long pole supports sub bass side of neck. Equipped with geared tuners on both pegheads; one replaced shaft. Condition wise, there is lots of cosmetic wear and tear, two repaired top cracks, lots of finish checking, and wear on round edges. The neck intonates well, and has very little relief.


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