Gibson '54/58 Burst Les Paul (1972)

  • Very Good Condition
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: 678353


An exceedingly rare instrument from the Gibson catalog, the '54/58 reissues are maybe the best examples of the Norlin era. While being a polarizing time amongst collectors, it goes without saying that the Norlin era of instruments have all increased in value, with these first year reissues being the highest grade on the list.

A unique Lester, the 54/58 models were produced in overall very low numbers, these "Gibson" embossed P90's P90 equipped guitars reflect some fine points of the 50's with subtle changes throughout, something seen really only on these examples. A slab, non pancake body with a standard plain top maple veneer, it certainly looks the part, seen on these burst examples with a subtle burst finish also on the back. Thin binding showing the maple cap at the cutaway, no volute, as well as a wrap tailpiece further the level of thoughtfulness during this brief time.
This example dating likely to early 1972, with a correct 67XXXX serial, albeit with changed pots (dating to 2004/5). A well cared for guitar in its past, it does show some wear most notably with an expert repaired headstock break, which is evident in its black finish thats been added as a cover. Buckle rash and some standard nicks and bruises are visible - notably along its edges on the back side, as well as its P-90 slots and at the elbow. A deeper gouge is visible on the bass side shoulder near the pickup selector switch. It's two piece top has more significant scratches behind the bridge that don't break the finish. Overall good condition cosmetically, and certainly a great player.

The neck is nice and straight with a proper angle, playing with even low action with plenty of room for adjustment at the two stud wrap tailpiece bridge (Tone Pros 85-13 compensated for intonation [for a wound third]). The action measures a super light 5-3/64" in height at the twelfth fret between the sixth string to the first. The neck has a slightly larger profile, which measures about .89" in thickness at the first position tapering up to about 1" at the twelfth fret. The binding is clean, and the typical "fretless-wonder" style frets are overall very clean. The original Gibson Deluxe double line Kluson tuners are present, albeit, the holes had been reamed out, re-doweled having presumably had another larger tuner on it at some point in its life. The truss rod appears untouched, and it retains the original nut. A small circle inexplicable circle is present in the finish on the north side of the truss rod cover. As previously mentioned the headstock has been repaired.

Weighs 10.1lbs

Includes the original hardshell case, as well as a newer gig worthy case option.


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