Dr. Arm Banjo Goodtime Maple

  • New Condition


Developed over countless hours our armrest can help you get the correct position for your arm and hand with a lot more comfort and control. Easy to fit and constructed of the best material and finish it will also make an attractive addition to your banjo. Play left handed banjo? Dr. Arm works for you too! This armrest is also ideas for players with small arms or players who are looking for a lower profile armrest. The Dr. Arm GT is made especially for the Deering Goodtime banjo. It is also a good fit on vintage banjos with an 11″ head and 16 or 18 hooks. NATURAL HANDMADE WOOD ARMREST WITH NATURAL WAX OIL FINISH. Made in the Slovak Republic, Europe. Kit included: armrest, screws, screwdriver and instructions how to install.


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