Douglas Unger Double Electric

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We have known Professor Douglas Unger for half our life and we have owned over 100 of his uniquely artisanal instruments. He is perhaps the hardest working artist we’ve ever known. His accolades and accomplishments are legendary in the art and the instrument world. This banjo started life as a Rickard 10-1/2” rim with “double” electric tonering…that is, the peaks of the metal ring point up as well as down. Of course Unger took this entire banjo to the next level with a Wm. Cole style embellishments and "boat" heel on the 26 inch scale mahogany neck. The inlay work in the neck and peghead are typical Unger with outstanding features that rival all of the banjos from the "Golden Period ". . The neck is trimmed in tortoise, with a fine underlayment of exotic wood and a hand cut neck adjuster similar to the one used by Cole in the 1890s. Fitted with original pre-war planetary tuners with amber buttons, this is the consumate "player" Unger.

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