Bob Venn Custom "Smoke" Electric 5 String Mandolin

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: 1970
  • Includes Soft Shell Case


One of a kind, custom built electric five string mandolin built by Bob Venn, founder of the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiere. Venn was associated with Semie Moseley, also in Bakersfield CA, and the Moserite design influence is evident here. Examples of Bob Venn custom signed instruments are extremely rare, an electric guitar made for Don Rich (Buck Owens) and another custom electric mandolin made for Tiny Moore having shown themselves recently. Though it is really impossible to say for sure, it has been speculated that this example was made for Smokey Rogers. This mandolin was beautifully built, with a three piece body (walnut with maple in center), with a two piece maple top with light figure, that was fully bound and trimmed; equipped with custom pickups with hand carved maple covers, adjustable maple bridge, and rosewood tailpiece with brass plate. The five piece maple neck has a 15" scale length bound ebony fingerboard w/ zero fret, 1-3/8" wide fingerboard; Smoke silk screened on peghead's face. Overall in fine shape, there are number finish dings and roughness throughout, notably some cloudiness/flaking near the butt. Includes chipboard case.


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