Dec. 24, 2018

Our first tree since moving from East Ave. Downsizing complete.

The mantle in our new home.

The season would not be complete without a frosty drive through the Finger Lakes

John's Corner December 24th, 2018

Merry Christmas To All and To all a Good Night!

Christmas has always been a celebratory time in the Bernunzio household going back to my earliest childhood memories. In addition to the toys and food and family get togethers, there was always the religious component which was the heartbeat of the holiday. Of course, like many of my generation that aspect was side stepped in favor of more secular celebrations. Still, the fascination with the "holy" day persists,  I am well aware of the roots of the holiday existing into ancient times. Festivus, Saturnalia, Bacchus...these were all the precursors to our Christmas holiday. What makes it so unique is that the return of the sun to the sky has been paired with the birth of a child who represents the love of all people. Religious or not that is a great message...and one worth honoring.  Celebrate in anyway you wish but remember the light will return. I wish you all well on this special day.  Peace on earth and good will to all people.

John Bernunzo 

I always took my Mom to the Churches in the area during Christmastime. Here is the Nativity scene at St. Stanislaus Church.

Yes, people do get carried away...