July 12, 2021

Happiness is a warm guitar…and a red accordion.

One of three "tour jackets" that came with the guitar along with much "ephemera".

Oh to have been there…

Julie continues to  put some incredible deals on eBay auctions. All of her auctions start at only one dollar. Here are some of the items available this week including an original fingerboard from a Gibson A-4 mandolin and a great Vega, pie-sectioned resonator. Her auctions can be found here.

NEWSLETTER Ron Anthony D’Angelico Excell

July 12th, 2021

Good Morning Folks,

After 50 years in the business I sometimes feel like I’ve seen it all and there’s nothing more to get very excited about. Then along comes an item that really defines the my love of vintage guitar business. This past week we had the opportunity to purchase an incredible guitar. The details of it are all outlined in Ryan’s presentation today but I just had to make some remarks about the acquisition of this guitar. Buying an original 1959 D’Angelico XL doesn’t happen very often, but to buy one with such provenance is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Guitars with personality associations as this one, come for sale from time to time but not only does the guitar have "the papers" but it also has THE SOUND. The Ron Anthony D’Angelico Excell is a one owner instrument, purchased in 1959, that has the quintessential JAZZ sound. The back story is just remarkable. Read about in Ryan’s presentation.

    So not only did that happen this week but we purchased another 70 instruments that we will be cataloging this week. On Saturday we purchased 35 vintage banjos including a GREAT Bacon Special Grand Concert. Additionally, someone sold us “grandpa’s" old 1950s Gibson ES-125T. I don’t know what grandpa did but he didn’t play guitar…this one is like brand new. So exciting things are happening at Bernunzio‘s and I seem to be a little more involved businesswise. It’s nice when the young guys ask for my expertise. It makes me feel like I’m back in the classroom and teaching again. I will be in the store this Wednesday to help Ryan catalog in some of the great inventory that we have purchased, and of course to sharpen my pedagogical skills.

All my best,


PS Our annual summer sale continues at a furious pace. After the first week we have sold nearly 60 instruments…. it is been the busiest week we have had in quite some time. Our operators are on duty awaiting your calls. JB

Not only did grandpa’s mint 1950s Gibson ES-125T come in on Saturday, BUT we also have the same guitar  in  3/4 size…like a kid brother.

Julie enjoyed a giant Nashville chicken sandwich at Parker’s restaurant. It’s just down the street from us and it was a decent walk for a guy with a back that is steadily improving….as long as he was holding her hand!

Live local music every Wednesday evening at the town hall gazebo. Sometimes we forget what live music is. We have so much music pumped into our lives but when it’s live it’s like a breath of fresh air.

News from the home front: the twins are still in the hospital and are growing very slowly but they are healthy. They are still so tiny that my son Jay had to wear his reading glasses to see them. Meanwhile Rocco has taken to the birds.