July 5, 2021

Gibson K-2 mandocello circa 1915 with a haunting sound…Guitar dealer, circa 1947 with a haunting look.

Gibson LG-3/4 and Gibson ES-140T 3/4

A pile to work our way through.

Made in Syracuse and that’s the only reason.

Julie was able to take the contents of an entire room and fit it into a van…she is amazing


July 5th, 2021

Good Morning Folks,

    I trust you are all enjoying a healthy holiday weekend with family and friends…and Happy Birthday to the USA. May each year display a continuous growth towards understanding the true meaning of the words…"All are created equal."

    TODAY begins the biggest sale we have EVER held. Ryan and Sam have sharpened their pencils, consulted with consignors and suppliers and reduced the price of nearly 300 instruments until the end of the month. If you have ever thought of buying an instrument from Bernunzio’s, this is the time. There are now hundreds of instruments with prices reduced to the bare bones. Consequently, we cannot accept trades, credits, layaways or package deals during this sale. I can personally guarantee that there is a great deal for someone on a stringed instrument.

    One of the jobs we are often called upon is to appraise, assess and purchase instruments from the estate of a customer or friend. It is never an easy task. This past week we are called upon to assess the collection of our dear friend and musical muse of Central NY, Leo Crandall. As we reported earlier Leo passed away at the end of May at the age of 67. We were called upon to assess the value of his collection and to go to his house where they were stored. Looking at someone’s collection is really looking inside their soul. These are the things that were held onto as important, things that had great personal attachment and the things that were just simply utilitarian or perhaps just to inspire a new poetic theme ….each of these as a different value. The pictures at the left show just some of the large collection we are assessing. These will be offered for sale in the weeks to come. We feel honored that we have been entrusted to do this kind of work for a family that has suffered a loss. We always plan to represent their interest and to honestly advise.


John Bernunzio 

My siblings all got together this weekend to celebrate the 45th wedding anniversary of my sister Mary and her husband Mike. It was the first time, in several years, that all of the siblings were together in the same place. Unfortunately my younger brother Sam left before we took the picture but a good time was had by all. There was no scratching biting or yelling…just good food and good conversation