March 4, 2019

This guitar is one of the cleanest vintage electrics we have had in quite a while. It has barely a wrinkle to show for its 66 years.

Guitar genius, Alex Patrick, tries out a J-200JR. Alex, a graduate of Eastman School is immersed in the local music scene. He has the soul of an old musician! He has been working for us for several years and is now in charge of set ups as well as occasional sales and shipping.

The wonderful Leah Zicari came by on Saturday. She needed to rent a nylon guitar for a performance she is doing with a local high school musical. We don't rent instruments BUT we did trade for a trayful of canolis (for the staff only!). It's the way we do business at Bernunzio's

John's Corner March 4th 2019 Gibson gold top 1953

Hello Folks,

A recent Facebook post of the photo to the left raised a lot of eyebrows and they weren't all about this amazingly clean, 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top that we bought on Saturday. There were many comments and questions about my health and welfare considering that the picture showed that I have lost a considerable amount of weight. Rest assured good friends that this is been an intentional and hard fought effort. Several people asked me for the secret to my success and I thought I would relay it here, in my weekly newsletter. I decided to shed some pounds about two years ago. Over the course of the past 560 days I have kept track of my caloric intake using a little app called Lose It! This has helped me take off 85 pounds in about two years!  It all boils down to a mathematical formula about how many calories in and how many calories out. I decreased my intake and increased my output. I swim every day and I eat a very healthy, primarily vegetarian/pescetarian diet with occasional lapses on the holidays. I must say that I feel much better have a bounce to my step that hasn’t been there in a while and it’s alleviated a lot of the arthritic pain that I’ve had.  Also, I go to bed hungry at least one night a week. This started in the very beginning of the diet and probably was as a result of being in a miserable mood and not having my usual 3000 calorie dinner. Julie said to me "How could you go to bed hungry?"  I thought about it and said, "Well about 1 billion people around the world go to bed hungry every night, I guess I can experience it once a week!" 

Tony Polecastro of Acoustic Life video recently featured our store on his amazing website. If you click on the video link you can see the entire thing. We’d like to thank “Tony” for his support over the years and his good shout out to a small store. 

Have an interesting week,

John Bernunzio

The mandolin wall is looking so sexy I thought I would share this.