Feb. 8, 2021

I spent a bit of time on Friday at the store and picked out a new favorite banjo

NEWSLETTER first day back at the store

February 8th  2021

Good Morning Folks,

This past Friday marked my first venture out of the house since having knee replacement surgery on January 14th. I had a follow up appointment at the doctor’s office and everything seems to be progressing better that expected. I  should be dancing through the streets in a matter of a few months!  Julie and I spent a little time at the store on Friday and it was good to see the gang and all the new inventory that has arrived. I can’t say it enough how well this group of young people has been managing the store at Bernunzio Uptown Music despite all of the adversity and obstacles due to the current situation. Many longtime customers are paring down their collections and requesting that we sell their instruments on consignment. Additionally, many new customers have come along scooping up some great, "vintage" bargains..... the cycle continues.

Julie and I continue to do our part by putting things on eBay from our massive collection of banjo and guitar parts.


John Bernunzio