Vega Cylinder Back Tenor Lute w. Goldfoil (c.1920)

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 1920s
  • Includes Soft Shell Case


Having began near the turn of the 1900's, the Boston brand Vega branded instruments with some of the highest regard in the acoustic vintage market. They tend to feature unique build elements mixed with high quality woods, yielding great instruments even to this day over 100 years later. We have recently had a few other "Cylinder back" instruments from their line, mostly dating between 1910-1920, and we are pleased to have this tenor lute. A nice open and complex tone with great projection and volume, this single coursed fifths tuned lute would be a great choice for any Celtic or Trad Jazz player - but with the robust tone this has and its built in pickup, the possibilities are truly endless.
Constructed with a nice solid Spruce top and solid mahogany cylinder back, this comes to us in great condition well maintained in its last century. Small nicks and bruises exist, but nothing the least bit troubling (see photos). The binding is in great shape, and most of the play wear was kept on the pickguard of this example. While it looks very clean there are small indicators the finish had been touched up - only really mildly noticeable at the heel - and partially likely how this has maintained as well it has structurally. In a previous career, an interesting pickup choice was mounted into this lutes oval sound hole. Unfortunately part of the sound hole and rosette were compromised and cut out for this installation to fit - that said, its very well hidden and the choice of pickup is really fantastic. The Gold foil pickups have been a player favorite for quite some time, with their warm but detailed sound. A small enclosure was added to the top of this instrument housing the controls for Volume, Tone and the 1/8" output jack (a simple cable is included with the sale).
It is built with a 23" scale length - making it fairly comfortable for any guitarist or octave mandolin player. A mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard both in great condition - the frets showing some wear, but playing well. The neck is nice and straight and it plays with even low action that measures 8/64" in height at the twelfth fret. Original Grover tuners present and working just as they should.
Comes with a poly foam case.

Was: $1995.00

Now Only: $1500.00

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