Unmarked Vintage Epiphone Style Trapeze Tailpiece & Saddles (Brass & ABR-1)

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 1960s


Likely from the mid 50's, here we have a tailpiece that was fitted for a vintage Gibson Les Paul. It is likely that this was built originally for Epiphone, and sports a similar look to a Kluson style trapeze. It appears to be made of nickel and has minimal wear present. The condition of the hanger looks to be in great shape with minimal wear to the bracket that mounts to the side of the instrument. This unit is in good shape and would make as a suitable replacement for a thinner body guitar in need of a hanger tailpiece.
Weight: 3.4oz
Length of Trapeze Hanger: Appx 5.25"
Center 1st to Center 6th about 1.75"

Comes with two replacement saddles. One is unmarked and brass with a small profile. Its thumbscrew holes are compensated implying it would be mounted at a slight angle for intonation. It measures 5/16" in height.
The other saddle is designed similar to an ABR-1, with no markings. It appears to be chrome plated, implying a later production. It has some tool markings on the underside. It measures 11/32" in height (not including the height from the saddle).

Included with the sale are two vintage nickel thumb screws, which should function with both saddles. The thumbscrews turn as they should. The center screw measures about .85" in length, with a diameter of about 1/8". The thumb wheels themselves have a diameter of 33/64", and a thickness of about 7/64".


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