Unmarked Fretted Rochester Banjo

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: 1870
  • Includes Soft Shell Case


Over the years, we've come to know this particular variety of post Civil warbanjos as "Rochester Banjos", as all known examples have Rochester provenance, most of them making their way through our doors as "walk-ins" having remained in the hands of local families for generations. We first purchased this banjo in 2009 after it was found in a local attic. The large rosewood 13.5" rim assembly was made with shiplap construction, and the hardware is "modern"...perhaps from the 1920s. The black painted neck has a rosewood fingerboard w/ 24-3/4" scale, & large pearl inlay; large fifth string pegbox with geared tuner and large pip (added spike for modern spacing); the peghead is remarkably small, and is slotted with single pearl star on face.

Was: $2800.00

Now Only: $1495.00

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