Kay Vanguard II K332 (ca.1965)

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 1965
  • Includes Original Soft Shell Case


The Kay Vanguard II is a great vibe instrument, suitable for any player looking for 60's vibe at a reasonable price point. A unique body design, the double cut vanguard looks great with the red burst finish, the back showing the Birdseye veneer. Maybe most cool about these guitars are their famed pickups, with a nice even and almost compressed tone, the gold foil pickups sound great for blues & jazz, and with the bridge pickup can certainly fall into the jangle pop tone we all know and love from the eras pop music. This example comes to us in great condition, with the typical short falls from the factory. The body is clean overall with some typical nicks and dings present (see photos). It is missing its tremolo arm. The electronics all work as they should. The neck is nice and straight with a bit of heft to it. A clean fingerboard, the frets are in good condition, albeit with some of the original tooling marks present. It has even low action and plays well with a little bit of the raspy buzz on the bass strings that we all expect. The original chipboard case is included in the sale!


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