Fender String Master D8 Butterscotch (1956)

  • Very Good Condition
  • Year: 1956
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: 00629


There's nothing like a classic Fender lap steel. With versatility ranging from a round tone great for country swells, to a more biting lead tone - these 50's hot rods are relatively affordable instruments for being from the 50's and American made. The double neck 8 string with two pickups per neck works great for dialing in the right sound & the right tunings - and is well complimented on this shorter 22" scale option (maybe the best option for grabbing some slant notes). This one appears to date to 1956, and comes to us in great shape. The neck selector switch and pickup switch function as they should - albeit with some age. Cosmetically its fairly clean with some real deal relic'ing happening to its finish. Includes the original legs and tweed case!


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