Eastman EBJ - WL Banjo Neck, w/inlay

  • New Condition


We have a very limited number of Whyte Laydie style necks from Eastman strings. These are made in the style of the old, Fairbanks banjos and are completely fretted, finished and inlayed with Gryphon and scalloped diamonds. The necks are two piece maple with an ebony center strip. They have ebony fingerboards with a 26" scale and peghead overlay. The dowel stick is intended for a 10-3/4" pot and has been "doweled" horizontally through the heel prior to the cap's installation; extending the stick or removing it will be required to fit the neck to a larger pot. ***These necks do have some imperfections and will need minor caressing to be perfect. Each neck includes any combination of the following: small scrapes and dings, blemishes in the wood, finish checking, imperfect binding, missing nut, unmatched finish and grain, and missing filler in the inlay.***


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