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  • Gold Tone LS-6 (20159)
    Back in the 50's when Lap Steels were in their hey day, the Oahu Tonemaster was the lap of choice among professionals. The Gold Tone LS is a vintage replica of this famous instrument. Gold Tone's pick up and hardware are identical to the originals. Includes a bone nut, square-covered style tuners, ash tray cover, and tobacco brown two-tone finish. Scale: 25" Weight: 6 lbs Nut Width: 2"
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  • Vega Style K/12 String (20158)
    A custom order from the Vega factory, this is an original 12-string, three course banjo mandolin, probably made for Sicilian style mandolin playing. Features a solid mahogany neck, equipped with an extra long peghead w/ ebonized pearwood overlay, RARE 6-per-plate open geared tuners, maple pie-plate resonator, original wire armrest, original mandolin tailpiece. This one-of-a-kind instrument, the only example we've ever seen, comes with its original hardcase.
    Circa 1930
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  • Gibson A2-Z (20090)
    A spectacular oddity from the Gibson mandolin line, from 1923. The appointments on this piece of Gibson heritage are very unique. These include a pickguard on an A model with a snakehead peghead and "The Gibson," inscribed in the peghead. This model has a truss rod and the original pickguard. Adjustable ebony bridge. A fine player in quite impressive condition for its age and comes with the original hard shell case. A2Z in Gibson lore means in paraphrase, "our finest mandolin, from A to...
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  • Santa Cruz D P/W (19438)
    The Santa Cruz Dreadnaught Pre War’s powerful volume, overtones and rich presence is an epiphany to the uninitiated. There are no unnecessary design features on this model, simply the finest materials treated to SCGC’s state of the art lutherie. This instrument is the best value to be had in a professionally hand made guitar, period. Sitka spruce top, mahogany back, sides, and neck. An amazingly boomy and satisfying guitar to play. Comes with finely made custom made Santa Cruz hard case. ...
    Circa 2015
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  • Gibson K-2 (19569)
    A beautiful artifact from the Bass-end of the mandolin orchestra, highly suitable for modern styles of playing. We present a Gibson K-2 mandocello dating from 1920 perfectly paired with its original green-lined Geib hardcase with all the proper handles & hinges. A lush red sunburst immediately catches the eyes of any on-looker, combined with an equally nice stained red maple back and sides. 25" scale mahogany neck with soft "V" profile, ebony fingerboard with original frets/dot inlays, "The...
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  • Douglas Unger Whyte Laydie/Electric (19831)
    This instrument began life as a lowly banjo mandolin with the scalloped Whyte Laydie tone ring. The 10-1/8" rim has been thinned down, the bracket band removed, the holes filled and painted black with the addition of fine marquetry and tortoise exterior trim. Essential this has transformed the rim into the lighter weight version of the Whyte Laydie named the "Electric". Original Electrics are great players with a bit more "lilt" to the sound. The Unger neck is an absolutely unique creation yet...
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  • Gibson Granada/Style 5 Deluxe (19468)
    Serial # 9261-8 from a batch of Granada tenor banjos with 40 hole raised head tone rings. Possibly from a custom order, this is a fine condition excellent quality banjo suitable for professional use on stage or in the studio. The walnut neck is a five string conversion with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, wreath inlay, wreath peghead inlay, marquetry on back of peghead, greenish pearloid edge trim. Style 5 Deluxe resonator beautifully figured walnut with wood purfling and greenish pearloid...
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  • Luscomb Custom Presentation (18286)
    Unsigned one of a kind Boston-made Luscomb presentation banjo and featured in America's Instrument: The Banjo in the Nineteenth Century, from a private collection. A rare presentation model that derivates from the standard catalog models. 10 5/8 rim with former owner Maly Wales Matthews name inlaid in pearl script on the dowel stick, and initials inlaid in heel. Continuous presentation grade fingerboard pearl work almost identical to top of the line Haynes Bay State models 353/354. Snakewood...
    Circa 1896
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  • Frederich Holtier Concert Traditional (17337)
    This is a remarkably expressive guitar. This guitar was special ordered with Madagascar rosewood back and sides. The top is a very tight grained cedar with an exceptionally light bracing pattern. The Finish appears to be a light french polish with nearly no gloss and a very smooth feel to the back of the neck. The Waverly tuners work very smoothly, and allow for easy precise tuning. The top shows slight signs of playing wear on both sides of the sound hole and from changing strings. The tone is...
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  • Martin 00-40 (17331)
    Originally a Hawaiian guitar this was converted to Spanish style and restored by Mark Tossman of Seattle. The top is pearl trimmed and the back and sides are Brazilian rosewood. It is fitted with a replacement belly bridge and original bar style frets. This guitar suffered some dubious repairs over the course of its lifetime including three small holes in the top around what looks like a very large mark from an oversized bridge. There is considerable top wear and a well repaired crack around...
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