W.H. Place Philharmonic Grand

  • Excellent + Condition
  • Year: circa 1930s
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case


Extremely rare example attributed to William Hall Place Jr., who obtained several patents in the late 1920's in banjo technology including his metal-reinforced neck, and tone-modifier, both of which are exemplified here (see photos for detailed patent art). Featuring an all aluminum rim w/ engraved sides, and solid aluminum felt-lined resonator w/ 8 individually mounted flange pieces & engravings on back of resonator. Mahogany neck with aluminum plate on peghead; engravings read: "The Philharmonic Grand, Place Music Co., Providence R.I., Pat. 8/17/1926-Other Patent Pending. In overall excellent condition, screw holes on back of peghead present, scratching on back of resonator.


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