Wampler Ego Compressor V2

  • Excellent + Condition
  • Year: 2010


The Wampler Ego Compressor is an excellent choice for the player looking to smooth out the playing dynamics, without sacrificing the clarity and purity of your tone. An intuitive and easy to use set of controls allow the player to dial in a warm, natural compression like you may get from a cranked tube amp. With a clean blend control, you can control the balance of your original signal and dial in the perfect amount of compression. The Ego has a way of adding a beautiful, rich texture to your tone that will surely make your next "always on" pedal! This Ego MK2 comes to us in excellent used condition, with only some light scratches on the bottom and some velcro from being on a pedalboard. Comes with original box, paperwork, and even a little bag for the pedal! Controls: Volume Sustain Tone Attack Blend True bypass. Runs on 9VDC power.


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