Vega SS-5 Folklore Longneck Openback

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 1963
  • Includes Original Soft Shell Case
  • Serial #: A-10796


The "singers" banjo. Based off the Pete Seeger idea, the Folklore was introduced as the budget, yet highly revered line in the Vega catalog. The wood tone ring produces softer overtones which some singers find attractive to sing along with, as well as being lighter in weight and with the extra versatility of the extended range. This folklore comes to us in good condition with typical wear for its age. Mild wear along the rim, some head wear, and marring in the finish on the back of the neck - but ultimately very mild and nothing that affects playability or stability. Frets are in excellent shape. Comes with the original chipboard case (which is fairly beat up from its near 60 years of age).


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