Unmarked Mandolin-Guitar Zither

  • Excellent + Condition
  • Year: circa 1960s
  • Includes Original Soft Shell Case


A fine example of a slightly absurd catalog instrument, likely produced by Oscar Schmidt in the early 60's - yet unmarked. The "Mandolin-Guitar" as it was originally called is in the familiar autoharp/zither casing, with the familiar chords on the left-hand side, and chromatic melody notes on the right hand side. This example has old strings, but is in tune. This one has a small hook screwed into the top of it, with another screw hole a few inches away - presumably from a strap or possibly being a decoration at one point in time. It is structurally in excellent shape. It has a nice stained red finish, and a painted on rosette. One could likely have more fun changing the tunings for the chords, or using the melody strings as further drone strings - but it does come with the original Instruction book which is in great shape, where you can learn the hits "Old Oaken Bucket" & "Last Rose of Summer". It comes with a tuning wrench, and the original chipboard case


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