Sunn 100S

  • Excellent + Condition
  • Year: circa 1968
  • No Case


Sunn Amplification was founded by brothers Conrad and Norm Sundholm in Portland, Oregon in 1964. After his Portland based band The Kingsmen landed their first hit with their version of Richard Berry's "Louie, Louie", Norm quickly sought solutions for higher powered amplifiers to accommodate larger and louder venues. Enlisting the help of his brother Conrad, they created the a high-powered concert bass amplifier and Sunn Amplification was born.

Here we have an clean and complete example of the brothers vision, the 100S. Paired with its original 6x12 cabinet, the 100S produces a clear and full tone with ample headroom. Excellent for bass or guitar, the amp features a midrange boost, tremolo with rate and depth controls and a punchy long spring reverb. There are two normal and two bright inputs for multiple instrument accommodations as well as a treble, bass and contour control. The amp is powered by four 6550 power tubes and rectified by 2 GZ34 tubes. A single 6AN8A, 12AU7 and 12AX7 power the tremelo and reverb respectively.

The tolex shows minimal wear for its age. The grill of the cabinet has some discoloration by the upper right speaker but the clothe is totally intact. The amp is in perfect working condition.


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