S. S. Stewart Champion Presentation

  • Very Good Condition
  • Year: circa 1890s
  • Includes Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: 13322


From the collection of Akira Tsumura and featured on page 179 of his book 1001 Banjos: The Tsumura collection. It is very rare for banjos of this quality to ever come up for sale. This is a presentation grade piece with a figural carving of a Lion’s head on the heel of the cherry neck. Other fancy appointments include tastefully engraved pearl in the fingerboard and and extremely ornate peghead. The the nickel silver exterior of the rim is engraved and the hooks, nuts, shoes, interior bolts and tension hoop, are gold plated. The plating appears new, but originally in the catalog they were listed as gold plated. The interior of the rim is adorned with fancy, colorful marquetry, and the dowel stick is carved and inlaid with a celluloid plaque reading "Champion S.S. Stewart".

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