Old German Restoration by Sol Roach

  • Very Good Condition
  • Year: circa 1860s
  • Includes Hard Shell Case


This Violin is a truly outstanding example of a fiddle. The perfected balance between tone and projection is immediately recognizable upon playing the instrument. The Violin was made in the Mid-to-late 1800's, but has an interesting repair label dating to 1908. The Label reads "Sol Roach, Winber, PA Reproducted 1908". The back of the violin is beautiful and immediately stands out. There are some cracks on the top of the violin that have been professionally restored. The instrument is set up with a fiddle bridge. Pegs and Tailpiece have been swapped for new, high quality wooden substitutes. For some interesting information on the Gentleman who repaired this violin: Selman "Sol" Roach was born in Pennsylvania in 1856. He moved to Windber, PA in about 1898 and started to repair violins again. This fiddle was one of the first fiddles repaired by him in his new shop. He had prior experience and did an excellent job on this fiddle. There is more info available online. Upper Bout: 175mm Lower Bout: 206mm Length: 355mm


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