Seymour Duncan Little '59 Loaded Strat Pickguard

  • N/A Condition


Looking to change the electronics in your Stratocaster? Here we have in a used, but not abused, White 3-Ply guard fully loaded with three Little '59's from Seymour Duncan. This became the project pickguard to a customer looking for a Les Paul Classic tone in a Strat body, with some added flare. Classic humbucker tones on tap, with an added push/pull tone pot, to engage the Bridge pickup, and enable all three pickups at the same time, or neck & bridge together.Standard CTS pots, the volume is still a 250K pot, which could be replaced with a 500k (due to the now humbuckers), but everything functions as it should. A great simple addition for the typical strat player to get some great sounds, without any serious mods, just drop the pickguard in, make a few solder connections, and you've got noise cancelling, sweet '59 tone in any position.


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