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Rickenbacker 360 WB Midnight Blue c.1980

  • Very Good Condition
  • Year: 1980
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: TF2630


A rare color of the ever popular Rickenbacker 360. This Midnight Blue axe dates back to 1980, by way of it's original hangtag, in it's original case. The guitar itself underwent some player upgrades, which we have since been restored mostly back to it's original intentions. This guitar, prior to use having it, had a life with a vibrato added to it, which subtle markings on the finish still can show this shadow of it's history. The replacement "R" Tailpiece looks the part and functions as it should, albeit, with a subtly different string spacing than this era (which is an aesthetic difference). A third, Melody Maker pickup, had been installed in it's middle position. Screw holes, and a subtlety to it's finish now indicate this past life. At that time, it's original output jack, which would have featured the serial number, had been removed to have a traditional mono jack. It has era correct Grovers installed. The owner had since brought this back to life, by sourcing an original R tailpiece, as well as a more correct Rickenbacker Toaster pickup for it's neck position, as well as a new copy input jack plate featuring the Rick-O-Sound input. All electronics now function as they should, and this guitar is an amazing player. Truthfully, it has only light marring to the finish from it's previous life, and incredibly faint (difficult to photograph) silhouettes on the back from decals that were applied and removed at some point. A unique rarity that any Rickenbacker collector or player will appreciate.

Was: $3250.00

Now Only: $2500.00

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