Perri's Leathers 2.5" Oiled Leather Guitar Strap

  • New Condition


Everybody knows that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Brown Cow = Brown Milk. It's so simple that it is commonly overlooked as one of the most magnificent processes in the natural world. The fine folks at Perri's leathers decided to explore this a bit. They thought 'Gee, if we had a green cow, does that mean we'd have green milk?'. Sure enough after a bit of trial and error they produced the worlds first all natural green milk (WOW!). But they didn't stop there. After a bit more thought, 'Well if the cow can make green milk, could that cow then be turned into the most beautiful green guitar straps ever made?' The answer was yes. The fine folks at Perri's eventually went on to open the first free-range-rainbow dairy farm where the cows lived long, happy, care-free lives until they were turned into beautiful, hand oiled guitar straps. Comes in green and blue. Please call for availability.


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