A.O. Windsor Zither Banjo

  • Good Condition
  • Year: circa 1900s
  • Includes Hard Shell Case


A turn of the century English banjo - trying to keep up with the times! Here we have an A.O. Windsor Zither banjo, fitted as a 6 string, to be played as a 5 string - albeit with a spare tuner, or for the adventurous player looking for a doubled string. Originally these slot head banjos would be intended for a mix of gut and steel strings, suitable for classical banjo players, but functional for claw-hammer. The frets are in good shape with hardly any wear, presumably having been strung nylon for a long period of time. The construction is complete with a tunnel 5th string. It has a 27" scale with 27 frets, and is fitted with a compensated bridge, to help with a slightly difficult intonation for anyone exploring the upper registers. This banjo has some forward relief in the neck, and is compensated with a 1/32" shim to help with the neck angle - resulting in good play-ability up and down the fret board, but with some of the highest register (mainly the 17th fret) having some buzz. Certainly a unique instrument, with a sound all it's own. Comes with original hardshell case.


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