NS Design CR4M

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: circa 2005
  • Includes Original Soft Shell Case


From the forward thinking mind of Ned Steinberger, we are pleased to feature his solution for the modern upright player. This CR4M is a flagship model, featuring a design that is more similar to a traditional upright neck. Notably, the CR4M has a traditional 106cm scale length neck body design, built out of European Hard Rock Maple - with an adjustable truss rod. This makes some of the most precise setup and adjustments a breeze, combined with the adjustable bridge design. Plugged in, this has a convincing sound to a full upright. The CR4M has active lo impedance EMG designed pickups (dated to 2005) which produce no noise, that can be coupled with onboard piezo electronics. The 5 controls allow the player to adjust, Master Volume, Balance between the Magnetic pickup & Piezo, Tonal balance for Arco & Pizzicato playing, Treble, and Bass (in that order). This example is in great shape that appears to have very low miles. There are hardly any noticeable dings or blemishes, less on 1/4 inch mild ding on the back of the neck in the upper octave position. Some tape has been applied to the side of the fingerboard to accent the position markers. Comes with the original travel bag, and stand.


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