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MXR 78 Badass Distortion (used)

  • Near Mint Condition
  • Year: 2015
  • Serial #: None


A re-vision of the past... of Rochesters history! MXR started as an effect pedal company in Rochester NY in the early 70's. Players from all over the world including Beck and Page were known to use their classic pedals including the infamous Blue Box and Phase 90. Here we have MXR (now owned by music accessory titans Dunlop), re-shaping the classic sound found in the old yellow distortion plus, but in a new package, reinventing the classic hot rodded sound of the late 70's. Thick and crunchy, this '78 Badass is just as it's name implies, badass. Simple control lay out makes for easily dialing in great sounds for your rig, and an added crunch button puts the pedals EQ into an altered mid shift, allowing for different flavor of this wonderful distortion. Make a classic sound yours today without breaking the bank!


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