Matchless Chieftain 2x10" Combo with ESD 2x12" Extension Cab Red

  • Excellent + Condition
  • Year: 1995
  • Serial #: M3441 /


Matchless amps are highly regarded as maybe the premiere boutique amplifier company in the 1990's. Incredibly well built Class A tube designs with a sound all their own, that utilized some of the finest components and craftsmanship that was otherwise unavailable. We are pleased to have this original Chieftain which according to it's TDS transformers (#9459 & 9355) and M serial number would likely date this to 1994-95 (The ESD also dates to '95 with # C121895) . Very stunning, this is one is outfitted in red tolex that is in excellent shape. There are some scratches to the plexi glass logo, and some aesthetic wear to it's chicken head knobs. The EL34 design of the amplifier feels British in design, and at 40 watts it's easy to achieve the transparent overdrive tone these amps are legendary for. This 2x10" combo is fitted with the original Celestions Matchless Signature speakers, and it's complimentary extension cabinet features 2 of the same series 12" speakers. This amplifier is sure to impress any studio, player. or collector, as it is truly one of the rare examples from this infamous company.


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